The Christinita

The Small Christina is pretty much what it's name implies
it's the smallest bag that I make. magnetic snap

The Amy

The Amy is a smaller bag with six pleats on both sides. magnetic snap

The Mindy

The Mindy is a smaller bag with a cute gathering at the top. magnetic snap
I'm working on making a bigger version so keep checking back

The Betsy

The Betsy is basically the stacy only with a different strap. magnetic snap
look carefully the straps are rolled over with one seem.

The kim

the kim is a lot like the emily only the top is straight across. has a magnetic snap

The Stacy

The Stacy is one of my favorite bags. magnetic snap
Unfortunately this is not the best picture I'm working on that...

The Christina

The Christina is like a tote but cute and round and big. magnetic snap
Just set your books in sideways

The Jill

The Jill is a smaller bag with a more feminine top. magnetic snap
I love seeeing this bag on peoples shoulders


The Lacy

The Lacy is a big bag perfect for toting a lot of stuff.

The Lacy is a smaller version of The Diane. It has 3 pleats on both sides and a magnetic snap.
This bag looks good on everyone. this is my absolute favorite bag!

The Victoria

The Victoria can come with or without a flower. magnetic snap
It is a small to medium size bag

The Kira

The Kira is a smaller bag with a square shaped bottom and straight lined top. It has three pleats and skinny straps. magnetic snap
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