Track Art

No not the kind you get from drugs...{don't do drugs} the rad wall art kind- only Swiss Miss would pass along! I think Adam would die for one of these. Especially the Nurburgring Modern. He loves racing on that track.

this is what the nurburgring would look like!
update- just found this pic of adam in my iphoto

* thanks kersten for the heads up 


The Intern

Ugh! I keep forgetting to post about the amazing intern I had for all my winter shows. Kilee is the hardest working 20 year old I know. I don't think I know anyone who isn't answering or checking their phone every 5 minutes. I think I may have seen her check hers once the whole time she interned for me. {not that I would have cared btw}

It was so nice to get to know her & have fun "young" conversations with her. {talking about boys & life & boys...} I took this picture of her in one of my new creations. My attempt at a dolman top. She cut the shirt out for me {as well as millions of other items} I sewed it up & whala- I think it looks fab on her- of course she's so adorable anything looks good on her...

she really is as sweet as that smile make her look

* p.s. kilee I'm having a hard time getting back into my sewing room not having everything cut & ready to go. thanks for all your help- you really are a champ!

* p.s.s. kilee was always dressed to the nines. often wearing heals & standing for hours while she cut. oh to have the energy of a 20 year old again...

Givenchy Spring 2011

Givenchy's spring line is Japanese inspired & really all I can say is Wow! Good job Riccardo Tisci

thanks claire


The Woman's Dickie

These days my cleavage is out of control- {one of the blessings/ curses of being pregnant} I could really use a few of these custom cleavage covers. A modern dickie for the lady- if you will. Too bad they are just way too awesome for me....

Rockstar Baby

This is both disturbing & hilarious.

Baby's First Audition from alex on Vimeo.

a cup of jo



Pretty vintage 1954 Skot Slide Projector by American Optical- plaid seriously how rad is the plaid.


Meeting New People/ Bloggers

So I may not have really attended Alt Summit but I was there helping with Susan's sewing class long enough to meet some pretty rad bloggers. I think 2 of my favorite peeps were Ryan & his wife Cole from Pacing the Panic Room. I guess Cole doesn't really blog but she's so much part of this daddy/ photographer/ writer bloggers life that of course it seems like it's "their" blog. Plus it doesn't hurt that she's so dang beautiful- i'm sure everyone wants to see pictures of her & those cutie pie kids.

cole- lucky/ patient enough to get a pic with mondo {showing mondo their son that looks just like him}

I've seen Ryan's blog many times before. He introduced me {through the blog} to one of my new favorite bands Rabbit- & I fell in love with this video he made of Cole showing pictures of her belly growing for 40 weeks. Cole is so tiny- I have no idea how she even carried this little creature for that long.

Magic- A Belly Grows from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

I wish I could get it together long enough to take one belly photo a month. Maybe that will be my goal for the next 5 1/2 months....

* all pics & video stolen from pacing the panic room


The Amazing Transforming Oven Lounge

This is pretty amazing. Think of all those old stoves stuck in those tiny city apartments- 11 flights up- no possible way to get it out- NO WORRIES- turn it onto a chaise lounge!


Have You Heard

Seth Aaron & Mondo Guerra are going to be at Alt Thursday! Are you going? I am- well sort of. I'm helping my friend Susan with a couple of her classes on Thursday. I hope I see them there.

The New Zodiac

Have you all heard about how the zodiac signs have changed?

What are you? I'm a foot stool... figures

Modern Love/ Bachelor Pad HI- FI Style

I've been checking out some man blogs lately & came across The Selvedge Yard. In the side bar I noticed {amongst many other amazing links} these posts called "Retro HI- FI in a Dark & Cozy Man Cave"- so I had to repost. I'm sure if I was a bachelor living in the 60's & 70's  I may have taken a girl or two down to make out in one of these man caves. {with The Beatles or Simon & Garfunkle playing on the hi-fi of course}


Stop Motion Love

This stop motion video was made on a phone! The worlds smallest stop motion animation film shot on a Nokia N8 phone. It's pretty rad.

♻ from kate pruitt


Dollhouse Love/ Modern & Travel Trailer

I'm finishing my Dollhouse Love week with 2 different dollhouses. This modern Villa Sibi Dollhouse- Garden & Pool house is so simple & beautiful but with it's spency price tag- it makes me want to try & build it myself. Susan could Chris whip me up one of these...

My second & last dollhouse for a while doesn't really seem like a dollhouse at all.  I really think this vintage travel trailer dollhouse from Greenleaf Dollhouses is really cool. Your kids could take it with them wherever they go.

every trailer needs some pets


Dollhouse Love/ Orange & Green

I know I've blogged about Plan Toys' dollhouses before- probably even this particular one. I love it. I love how simple & modern & orange it is. Plus some of them are sort of on the cheaper side...

kitchen set from educo
worried about your  toddler being a good mommy or daddy- worry no more- they can practice changing a diaper with this littlest nursery

they are never too young to learn how to do house hold chores

another plan toy- the green house- start your young'n off right- go green


Dollhouse Love/ Tree Fort

A dollhouse that's a tree fort! if you've ever read or watched the Swiss Family Robinson with your kids- you know they will fall in love with this dollhouse tree fort in a minute. I know I have. Plus it's perfect for a boy or a girl.

{I would recommend this for the 4 & up crowd due to too many fun things to pull off the tree fort}


Dollhouse Love/ Mushroom

It's no secret I have a crush on mushrooms. Not the annoying ones you find in your yard right where your 1 year old is playing. NO the ones that are red with white polkadots & that have cute little gnomes hanging out by them. Wooden- cotton- felt- really whatever they are made of makes me happy.

I about died when I saw this cute little mushroom dollhouse over at magic cabin. The dolls are gnomes. unbelievable.

this isn't a dollhouse but I had to include it cause it's the cutest matching game made with mushrooms ever- plus it's on sale for $12.99


Dollhouse Love/ Modern

It's rare to be envious of doll houses & their furniture- but I am.  green very Green

* all from brinca dada 
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