Happy Anniversary Lover!

While I feel like i've aged more like 10 years in the last 3, we've sure accomplished a lot - we've got these 2 kiddos to prove it!



P.S. We get to go see the Magnetic Fields in L.A. for our Anniversary present! YAY!!!!!


How Cool Is This

If I was ever going to have another baby I would totally buy one of these


Oh My

I really wanted to get little pookie a kitchen set or doll house for christmas this year but everyone keeps telling me she's too young & that I should wait untill next year. Plus we have to worry about little I.J. (changing her nickname cause she doesn't really look like a gramps anymore) getting her mouth on everything. I am so in LOVE with these doll houses from plan toys & the furniture sets are killing me. Can you see the little sewing machine, It even has a vegetable garden & dog house with pets you can buy. The dolls themselves are a tiny bit creepy though.

These kitchen sets from Educo are pretty rad also- I really wish we had a play room...


How Great Is Christmas

here's what christmas is like at our house this year- not too much different- we didn't get a real tree again because it's just too hard with the little munchkins around. maybe in a couple of years. i still haven't made the girls stockings & i'm not sure i'll get to them this year either. don't worry they won't be without one- i have some vintage ones i can use. D.I.Y. club has added a couple new decorations to the house- raise the roof to you girls!

Cookie Exchanges Rule

but they make you fat...

10 lbs to go in the baby weight loss game- ok maybe 15 now- after this amazing cookie exchange. everyone made 5 dozen cookies to trade. (thanks momz for your help- that's a lot of sugar cookies) everyone's cookies looked so professional (i secretly think some of you bought them from a store...) we ate them for days & days & days.


A Family That Bakes Together...

The girls helping me bake for our ward Christmas party. We made pumpkin pie cake. For some reason it didn't turn out as good as it usually does. I tried a little tweaking- which I should probably not do since I'm not really so good at cooking in the first place. I didn't take a picture of it- here's the recipe- it's one of the best tasting (if you do it right) desserts you'll ever have.

Pumpkin Pie Cake

1 pkg yellow cake mix (set 1 cup of cake mix aside)
Melt 1/2 c butter and mix with 1 egg - Mix egg and butter mixture with cake mix and spread in bottom of 9 x 13 cake pan.

Mix and pour over cake mixture
1 large can of pumpkin
2/3 cup milk
3 eggs
1/2 c packed brown sugar
1- 1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 c sugar
pinch of nutmeg and cloves

Top with
Mix together-
1 cup cake mix
1/2 c flour
1/2 t baking powder
3/4 c sugar
cut in 1/2 cup butter until fine (with pastry fork)
Spread over pumpkin mixture

cook at 350 for 1 hour

BTW - I went to visit my friend Di, who was in town from NYC, after the party and realized my shirt was on backwards- kind of embarrassing...


D.I.Y. Project 1 & 2

so D.I.Y Club is going on!

our first project was the christmas banners. the one you see is actually chris' she sewed all the flags & i sewed the bias tape onto the top so that we would have proof that we did our first D.I.Y. project. i think kristin was the only one who finished hers (she called her husband to come over & sew it for her) i was too busy with the beehive bazaar stuff to finish mine. someday...

our second D.I.Y. project was super rad. we stole the idea from bleu bird vintage i fell in love with her wreath the minute i saw it & immediately thought we needed a D.I.Y. Club meeting in december after all.

i'm thinking the deers totally make the wreath. i got them from the top of the boxes of stephanie higginbotham's MOST delicious cupcakes at the beehive bazaar. ohhh how i crave those yummy's... you can get them year round in highland, utah at dear lizzies a boutique & a bistro- genius -who doesn't get hungry while shopping

other D.I.Y-ers

hoon & the cliff made one together. when they break up they'll time share it

amy finished hers the next day as did i- these wreaths were super labor intensive

i'll post pics of chris, tia & tosha's when they send me one


Best White Elephant Gift Ever

So my dad's side of the family has a white elephant gift party/dinner every year & I got this little gem. Did I steal it from someone else when my turn came? HELL YES! Did anyone try to steal it from me a third time? Not a chance! So this cousins/ aunt & uncles party is always a good time, but all of my cousins are at least 13+ years older than I am- so a gem like this does not appeal to them. My dad didn't get married till he was 36- much later than his siblings so I have a lot of second cousins my age or a bit younger. It's funny cause I always ask myself if I'm suppose to be at the party. Even now in my 30's I think I'm younger than I really am. Husband teases me about this ALL the time. Come on- who doesn't want to believe they are years younger than they really are...


So Famous- Not Really...

Vanilla Pie Baby was featured on Studio 5 Today Yay! One of my shirts was featured with the most adorable blue ruffled skirt from freshly picked how cute is that little girl- she's perfect

My red onesie was also featured with the cutest bloomers in the world from RaeGun. Both on the middle baby. The cute head bands are from Lou and Lee who is one of my new neighbors twin sister.


Ahhh Relax Don't Do It

Chillin on the couch tonight catching up on 30 Rock- It's been a while since i've done this. Now that the Beehive Bazaar is over I will be doing this every night. Here are a few more items from my booth

super huge thanks to chris- tia- stacy- & tracy I would never have gotten everything taged & set up without you!

Double huge thanks to my little sister andrea & my mom for watching the munchkins so I could sew like a mad woman.


Last Minute Creative Vibes

So many last many things to do for the Beehive Bazaar! So excited to get them finished... Lots of anxiety. If I could leave the world behind (kids- husband) I could be finished in 2 days. But since I can't do that (in more ways than one) I will be working up until the last minute. I have to say my little sister Andrea is an angel for helping me with the kids this last week & hopefully this next week

*enjoy these pictures I took of these cool modern homes in Kansas City, MO


100th SALE!

I had my 100th sale on etsy the other day. I know that's not actually a lot but it is for me! I have a hard time getting my stuff listed on there for some reason . It really is so time consuming. I'm going to start selling supplies in my Etsy shop. Supplies seem to do really well. I guess we'll see....


Happy Tape Fun!

I'm super excited to be selling Japanese masking tape at the beehive bazaar. It's soooo fun to play with. Here are a couple of projects I made this week.

FYI- If you want to come to our DIY CLUB please do! Email me & I'll send you the info on this months project.


Moustachio Pillow

I've been dreaming about making these for some time now (over a year) I just never made the time do so, but now they're here. Moustache pillows! It's actually really hard to stuff little places on pillows. I found this out last spring when I made my dove pillows. The curl on these pillows is a really small area so I had to get creative.

They will be available at the Beehive Bazaar which is only 2 1/2 weeks away....


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