Airstream Bird & Dog House

This is probably the coolest bird & dog house I've ever seen. Chris from Chrome Dome Studio has an amazing eye for detail.  He named his business Chrome Dome Studios- both for the chrome on the trailers & because he's bald. Love it!

The bird house

The dog house

p.s. if you want Chris to make you one- shoot him a email through etsy to see when you can get your very own!


Quilt Group

I've been totally behind on my quilt squares for quilt group- until today! I made 4- yes I said 4! Kaleb took the girls out to the back yard while I made 3 (I cut them out the night before) Then my mom came over & entertained them for my 4th square. I finished just in the nick of time & it went pretty smooth (minus the poop incident with Ida- totally a gross story) 

Yes I know it's kind of lame of me to use the same fabric for all 4 but look closely- I promise they all all completely different...


This is Possibly The Coolest thing Ever

So my brother in-law Nate posted this video on his Facebook wall a while ago- I can't believe how genius the engineers/ designers are from Resource Furniture who came up with all of these brilliant ways to convert furniture! I think the bed & couch converters are my fav's especially the orange couch that turns into a bunk bed! Sooo Crazy! Imagine how roomy your small house or apartment would be with any of these products.

*This company brings the Murphy bed to a whole new level...

p.s. Nate's been working on the movie unicorn city. click on the link to see the trailer.


Play Shapes

Elsa- Ida & I use some sort of building blocks almost everyday. How amazing would it be to build with these Play Shapes from the Romp online store.

they would add a whole new dimension to our castles or our towers or even our robots


Cute Kiersten & Madeline in a Cute Elsa Bags Shirt

How cute is this girl? Kiersten of Bello De Epoca- was selling her goods at the Abode Flea Market last Saturday & she spied this ⤵ shirt in my booth & asked if we could do a little trading. Check out her Etsy shop. It's a little sparse (I know how that is) but hopefully she'll be filling it up soon.

Kiersten it looks so rad on you! I'll have to get a picture of Ida in her headband(s) she taking a nap right now!

Also Madeline of Uber Chic for Cheap bought this ⤵ one. I'm hoping I can get her to send me a picture of her in it. Her blog is amazing & shows you how to get the best deals for your fashion needs. You'll definitely want to start following her today!

Thanks Madeline for the pic- you look amazing in it!


Ok Go!

I absolutely love how creative OK Go gets with their music videos. Here's one of their new ones that doesn't fail- especially for you dog lovers out there!


Abode Flea Market

I'll be selling there! Come by & see me!

1720 s 900 e slc ut 84105



All Asses Were Not Created Equal

Ain't that the TRUTH! The above title is Levi's slogan for their new Curve ID jeans- Of course the models are still really skinny...
Not sure what kind of curve you have going on? Take the Curve ID quiz!

* FYI- levi's are my absolute favorite brand of jeans ever


Modern Love/ Zelig Animal Chairs

These chairs are adorable. They were designed by Elad Ozeri you can see them at Pompel Design. I sort of have a thing for giraffes & elephants.

Pictures ♻ Chictip

say yes to hoboken
hand made charlotte


Tucker for Target- YES!

Now in Target. I wish these pictures did this line justice! It's lovely & affordable. Gaby Basora is adorable. You better drive fast cause this line isn't going to last!

Check out this lovely video Gaby's little sister made to promote her fall line. I want it all!


*tucker fall line if you've got the means...

How Great Are These BiKes

Oh how I love a beautiful bike! I have no idea what this vintage bike blog says {it's all in french} but I'm loving the pictures of these bikes- the beautiful shapes the beautiful colors. They have a shop in Paris called 18 VĂ©lo Vintage, which looks amazing online. Add a toddler seat & I would be ready to go...

* this video is pretty cool.


I Want These/ Thinking of Fall

HELLO- How genius are these? As fall approaches you won't want to miss out on them. When I was a single mom I owned my own house & I had to do all the yard work myself. {yes you can feel sorry for me} I had a pretty decent size yard. Racking the leaves was the worst. I would have loved to have had the "The Leaf & Hand Collector" from Whatever Works.

This EZ leaf hauler would be pretty great also if you have a really big yard


My Space Who

Have you seen Facebooks headquarters? {That makes it sound like a government building or something} If you haven't heard of facebook then you probably live in a cave- You can't watch a t.v. show or movie these days without someone mentioning It. Remember when it was all about My Space & then it became a soft porn site. .

I ♥ facebook. I'm not going to hide it. It has connected me to so many old friends that I would never be able to connect with- without it. Plus I have some pretty hilarious friends.


Excited for Fall/ J. Crew Style

These are some of my favorite J. Crew looks for fall. Black sequined pants- socks with oxford heels- could they get any better. Check out the Looks We Love & J. Crew Collections. Their stylist do an amazing job. They must absolutely love doing what they do!

**p.s. order online today to get free shipping on orders over $100- use code laborday


GoLd Moccassins YES PLEASE

Susan's done it again! Gold Mocs COME ON! Georgeous! Did I mention she made her pattern even better. Elastic at the ankle so they won't fall off & a faux drawstring- genius.

* I think I may need another baby...
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