A Hip & Handmade Holiday

I had a great time helping Susan & Alison with introducing their A Hip and Handmade Holiday It's a digital book with tons of fun Christmas Diy's. You can buy yours here. They call themselves the Craft Pack. Sounds kind of tuff huh... 

here I am with the famous crafter courtney snowden at the after party

If you want to see any of the famous bloggers that came to town to help film each tutorial check out the links below.

Nicole from Making it Lovely
Ez from Creature Comforts {she really is as nice as she is pretty}
Emily from Small Fry
Courtney from C Jane Kendrick
Jen from Tater tots and Jello
Heather from The House of Smiths
Natalie from Nat the Fat Rat
Jen from A Merry Mishap
Liz from Cotton and Curls

can't forget the lovely ladies of vivint who where amazing sponsors


Halloween 2012

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays & one of my favorite times of the year. The weather this year was amazing. We did a couple of awesome DIY's for diy club. My girls dressed up as princesses again & I was ok with it- sort of... {one day i'll get them to be doctors or super heros}

 since we had a couple of parties to go to I decided to have reyn dress up in a couple of different  costumes. suave french guy & a milk man just using clothing I had on hand.
 here we also have ida as a "princess witch" & elsa as snow white.


I made some white chocolate ghosts from candy melts for a super fun party at carolines

our diy's this year were really fun. We made the ghosts below & Haunted houses. I'm so glad to be adding to my halloween decor. 

 we had a super fun halloween/ birthday party to go to for our friend tia at classic skate- yes we got our skate on- we were bacon & eggs. unfortunately our sumo wrestler friends got really hungry 


Witchy Witchy Girl- Cross Stitch

I'm selling these cute little halloween cross stitched witches- straight off this blog. See how to order below

Pick what you want your cutest littlest witch to look like?

Here's how it works- 

copy paste the following with your answers & send them to elsabags@gmail.com

1) pick a hair color [pink- purple- blue- greenred]- see hues below _______________________________
2) pick the tights color [pinkpurplebluegreen- red] same hues as hair ___________________________
3) pick the eye color [brownbluegreen] _______________________________________________
4) tell me if you want a jack-o-lantern face or no face  ___________________________________
5) pick a belt or a bow to go around her waist  _________________________________________
6) tell if you want stripes on her tights [I will use black thread- tell me if you want another color] ________
7) pick the silver or gold sparkly back ground fabric [belt or bow & cat collar will coordinate] _____
8) tell me if you want a vintage frame for $3 more [i'll send you a photo of what I have] _____________
9) leave your paypal address & I'll send you a bill for $20 [add $3 shipping if not local - locals can pick up] ________________________
10) get your little witch in 1 week!

witches hair #892- tights lime

witches hair #3833- tights lime

I've added one square stitch on the legs to make them a
 little longer for the stripes to show up better

silver fabric- witches hair #209- tights lime- stripes #905- eyes #905- silver belt

 Pinks   #956   #957   #3833   #892

Purple  #208   #209   #210   #153   #718 

Blue  #3844   #3846   #747   #517   #324                    

Green   #lime   #562  #903
cross stitch stats
* witch is 2 1/2 inches tall
* full cross stitch is 3 * 4 inches


Fab is looking FABULOUS this week

If you haven't bought anything from fab.com you're missing out. The goods for this week are amazing. I wish I could buy them all! If you haven't signed up- do it today- you won't regret it.


Spring Art Market this Weekend!

Are you coming?

I'm selling my goods at the Spring Art Market this weekend here in Salt Lake City in the Sugar House Garden Center just east of Sugar House Park. Here are a few new items you'll be able to buy.

cross stitched toddler skirts


 cross stitch gnome

cross stitch girl & some hearts

cross stitch necklaces

Yep I'm  officially obsessed with cross stitching! email me if you want something custom made.


Bijou Market

I'm not doing the market this year but 50 other amazing artists are!

Hope you're coming-


DIY ~ Pom Pom Easter Egg

I have to say this year is going by way too fast. Easter's only 2 weeks away! I don't really have any Easter decor so I decided I wanted to make a pom pom Easter egg. {surprise surprise...}

Haven't you always wanted one? Here we go...

Items Needed
yarn {you can decide how many colors you want- I used 2 colors- pink & cream with gold specks}
pom pom maker {you can purchase one here or use your fingers- I used the 1 5/8 size}
card board box
ribbon {for hanging & for decorating} not pictured
hot glue gun
round plate {the size you want the bottom of your egg to be}

1 ~ make pom poms 
I ended up making about 10 of each color- then making more as I went along counting how many 
more I would need by laying them out on my egg a row at a time

2 ~ draw your egg on to the cardboard box
use your plate to draw the bottom then just free hand the top
the marker won't show in the end

if you use the bottom of the box with tape in the middle 
you can use it in the step after the next one to make the egg even by folding it over

2 ~ cut your egg out

3 ~ fold your cardboard in half then cut to even 
your egg out

4 ~ tape your fold how ever many times to make 
your cardboard strong & unbendable - can you see the clear tape?

5 ~ place your pom poms on your egg to see how 
you want to glue them down

6 ~ use hot glue
to glue them in place

half way through & looking good!

7 ~ glue a small piece of ribbon to the middle of the 
back to hang your egg

if you want- add a ribbon- a frame & a rabbit!
I think some people would add a thicker/ bigger ribbon but I kind of like this little one

* does anyone think it's weird that I show a finished product picture at the front & at the end of my post? for some reason when I see a tutorial I like to see what it looks like before I start & remember what it looks like at the end. dumb? not dumb?


My Family In Stitches

Every summer when I was little- we would travel over a 1000 miles from Yuma, Az to Salt Lake City, Ut then up to Driggs, Id. 1000 miles is a lot of hours in the car for 7 kids {6 of them girls} Remember this was a long time ago- long before ipods & DS's. Think 8 tracks & optional seat belts...  

We would visit my dad's sisters who were super talented at quilting- needle point & cross stitching. My Aunt Dorothy taught us how to do fun needle point stitches on our levis. So hours & hours in the car turned a few boring levis into one of kind levis with flowers down the side- cheesy? maybe- but we thought they were cool. I would also embroider my used point shoes or anything else I could get my hands on. 

 When I went to my 20th High School reunion last winter {yes I'm old} 
I stayed with one of my oldest friends Emma. She still had this point shoe I decorated 
for her from her 16th birthday! We called our selves the dilemma's. 
I was disco nic & she was the slicker chic we were 
silly teenagers what do you expect... 

 Last winter my cute friend Jessica showed me this cross stitch DIY from her Martha Stewart magazine. She was planning to do one as a Christmas present for her husband. I was dying to do one right away but I just didn't have the time. I finally got around to doing one this week & I'm in love with cross stitching again! 

 Items needed 
aida cloth- I used a 14 count in natural color {the smaller the number the wider the squares- so 8 count would make your people bigger} 
embroidery thread {choose colors after you graph each person out} 
embroidery needles 
embroidery hoop {wood is best} 
graph paper 
colored pencils 

 Keep in mind each person is very small- Adam is about 2 inches tall {36 squares high} 
Can you see Reyn in the baby carrier?

Go here for Martha's tutorial & here for her clip art patterns. It's easiest if you draw the pattern out on graph paper first. I used Martha's clip art for sizing starting with Adam then making myself a little shorter & although Kaleb is taller than me now- I wanted to make him shorter so you could see that he was a kid & I made Elsa 3 or 4 squares taller than Ida. I ended up changing Martha's patterns around- like the girls dresses & making heart shaped balloons. It's really fun to play around with.     

Make sure to graph all your people before you start stitching

 ida my 2 1/2 yr old  
she loves pig tails & balloons- she also 
loves dresses & tights 

kaleb my 14 yr old  he's my only brown eyed kid.  
you'll rarely see him without a sweatshirt & jeans on.  
he also has bieber hair- I tried my best 

this is me 
you can find me in an outfit like this almost daily 
my neck is folded & shortened because I made my neck one square too long

 my husband adam carrying reyn my 8 1/2 yr old 
he loves t-shirts & straight jeans or pants- he always has a beard. 
I ended up playing with his beard while I was stitching it & it turned out a bit fuller than my drawing &  looking a little like a monkey- Oh well

 elsa my 4 yr old  
she's always wearing a dress & tights & up until recently  
her cream cowgirl boots {they are too small now- sad face}  
she also loves balloons & a pony tail 

It fits perfectly on my wall of frames {one day i'll take a picture of said wall}  

ps. I just used what ever colored pencils I had to color my drawings with & then picked my thread after. I  wrote what colors I wanted to use on my drawing so I would remember when I went to the fabric store. 
pss. While I was picking out my thread- I ran into my Aunt Jeanie {my SLC Aunt} at the store - crazy!

**update- I'm will be taking commissioned orders to cross stitch your family starting May 10th. I will have a few of my own patterns to choose from. They will be $20 per person. Email me at elsabags@gmail.com


& The Winners Are

* Linda will email you your code for your download! Thanks everyone for entering

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