Super Slide

A long staircase next to a super slide- which way would you go? Are you driven by fun is Volkswagon's new slogan for one of their new cars the Polo GTI

How awesome is this fast lane slide. This would be a dream to have in the N.Y.C. especially when I have my huge suitcase. I would just send it down first then follow with a huge smile/crazy look on my face.

h is for handmade

I'd also love to go grocery shopping with a cart like this.

{if it wasn't so dangerous i'd put a skate board on my stroller today}


New Listing

I Just listed these on Etsy {one of the cutest baby's ever- not included}

Cocktail Party

I love these D.I.Y. Cocktail Party invites that Anna Bond (from the Rifle Paper Co) made for Martha Stewarts craft dept. You can find the template on the Martha Stewart site. {if you don't drink & you know a little illustrator you can change the cocktail to mocktail}

Be sure to check out Anna's shop. Such amazing stationary & prints


Mad Men's Back!

Did you watch? I sort of felt like they left us out of part of their lives instead of really starting from where they left off- but I really can't complain... Can't wait to see what this season brings

I found this poster on Grassroots Modern. Have you seen this blog. It's modern love to the next level. The designer of the poster is Olly Moss. Check out his photo stream on Flickr good stuff.

Leave it to Sesame Street to teach happy & sad through a Mad Men parody

poster olly moss flickr
video➝ renegade handmade blog


Modern Love/ Houses

This is one amazing house found over at Blue Print Unique. Just look at that pool. I like to think that you could see the people swimming through the glass, but I can't quite tell if you can for sure. Spain really needs me to come visit asap!

Jane Austen's Fight CLub

This is pretty funny & you may know some of these girls if you live in the L.A.-ish area. I've only met Emma a few times & I knew she was a very talented but I had know idea she could fight!

katie thanks for facebooking this


Etsy Love

I absolutely ❤ these animal head wall hangings from Girlsavage. I may just have to order one for the girls wall i've been working on for forever. {pic coming soon}

**Check out her flicker for her other sold feltidermy items- she's taking custom orders again in August. I can't decide if I like the unicorn, rhinoceros or the jackalope the best


L.A. Peoples

Go see Susan & Emily at the L.A. Renegade Craft Fair this Saturday & Sunday! & check out some more artists here


Modern Love/ Chairs

Sometimes I wish I had gone to school to study industrial design. I look at some of my favorite furniture designers & envy such talent. Newer designers today are pretty amazing as well. Check out these chairs below found on Style with Anna

I'm not sure if these rocks would be soothing or super uncomfortable- I would love to try it out

I like these- besides being humorous I think my butte would fit quite nicely into the right one haha

the grocery cart chair

a crochet chair- beautiful!


Made by Joel

Once again Joel does it! Please start selling these- they are amazing! Joel- the cute Daddy blogger- is so creative I wish he would open up a creative art pre- school so my girls could be around this all the time.*** you can change the legs out to make your animals even funkier!


Abode Market!

It's that time again! Abode Market this Saturday-

Come say HI! Yep I'll be there will lots of my Elsa Bags goods as well as vintage clothing & furniture. I missed last month due to being out of town but here☟are a few pics from last month I stole off of the Abode website. Also click here to see some of the goods I picked up the month before.

1700 South 900 East
9- 4 store closes at 7


Weirdest Apartments all Over the World

Are these the weirdest or the coolest apartments ever? I think the latter. I want to go to spain the most to see the Casa Mila built by Gaudi in 1910. 1910! Amazing.

Casa Mila – Barcelona, Spain

Nakagin Capsule Tower – Tokyo, Japan

Container City 1 – London, UK

Elephant Building – Bangkok, Thailand

Cubic Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Interlace/OMA – Singapore – TO BE BUILT

Urban Cactus High Rise – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tetris Apartments – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Montreal Quebec, Canada

* I've actually seen the one in Rotterdam & the two in Amsterdam when husband, Elsa & I went to Europe in 2008. You can see the post here, here, here & here.


Killing an Urge

Last week I had this incredible urge to cut my hair into a bob with short straight bangs. Now I know I don't really look good with short hair or short bangs, but I still do it regretting it every time. I can't help it- spontaneous bang cutting is kind of my thing.

So, you ask, how did you solve this urge? Well look below ↓

It would be completely silly if we had the same hairdo right? I think so & let's be honest I could never look this cute!

*pics taken on my iphone with my camera bag app. I think using 1974 & Helga


For All You Bike Lovers

Bicycles who play together stay together. Bike Love Posters from William Dohman's WKD Studio store on Etsy- totally rad


⚑⚑⚑⚑ 4th of July! ⚑⚑⚑⚑

I love this picture my brother in- law Benton took on the 4th. We were celebrating everyone's birthday in this picture but Elsa's. She insisted that it was her birthday also. It's not the first time- about every other day she puts some toys in a plastic container & says it's her birthday & that that is her present. It's pretty dang adorable.


I'm in- Craft Lake City!

I'm in & I'm sharing my booth once again with the talented Mrs. Petersen

Whahoo! come see us August 14th
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