Time- I Think I Need More

I've been a little out of sorts lately- I'm not sure if it has to do with pregnancy hormones or freaking out about having 3 kids 3 & under. I have about 12 more weeks to figure this all out. ha does anyone really ever figure out how to take care of 3 little ones? If you have pray tell. Also could I borrow some money so we can finish our basement so I don't have to give up my sewing room for this little kungfu baby. {he's quite the kicker} I finally took a picture of this pregnancy- It's not the first but I told myself I was going to take one every month this time- ya right! I have a feeling I'm going to be one of those moms that doesn't take as many pics of my last child : >/  

this is me over the weekend at 28 weeks- according to baby center my baby is the size of a chinese cabbage- hmmm looks more like a large watermelon to me- the shadow's not helping...

* p.s. I promise i'm not turning this into my family/ personal blog


Tutu's & Ballet Woas

I don't think I ever mentioned that Ida started taking ballet classes with Elsa in January. At first she took to it pretty well- but the last few classes she'll start out joining everyone- then decides she doesn't want to participate. She'll sit on my lap & whine or pull at my hair & she won't let me put her down. This has become really hard on me these days with a bulging belly & trying to guide Elsa around as well.  I thought at first maybe it was because the class is a little loud & it just made her a little nervous or she just wanted all my attention instead of sharing my lap with Elsa- so today I took her to a separate class {without Elsa} that is much quieter- but she still did the same thing. SO I've decided to take her out!

Don't worry we'll try again next fall & she'll still be able to wear these cute little tutu leo's then. {they're really bathing suits bought from Old Navy}

sorry for the blurry iphone pics- these gals have a hard time staying still

what's cuter than tutu bums

she calls this leo her "princess" dress

Elsa's favorite boots! I have no idea what she's going to do next winter when they don't fit anymore


March Madness

So March in Utah rarely feels like spring. You have a snow storm that brings in 8 inches of snow one day- then you can find yourself on a walk with your cutie pattooties 6 days later! {& you never get use to it}

view out our front door- 3.8.11

taking a walk across the street- they love holding hands- 3.16.11- yes they have messy faces- they had snack along the way

Yesterday it rained all day & today was one of those fake sunny days. You know those days when you look out the window & you give a little wahoo! -cause you think- We are totally having a picnic today- but then you open the door & it's in the low 40's- blah blah blah! 

I can't wait for April...


For Japan With Love

As many of you know I love all things Japanese. Some of the greatest designers of all types of greatness come from Japan or of Japanese decent.  It is pretty terrible what's happening over there. The picture below depicts only a small part of what's happened. {now they are dealing with a nuclear power plant explosion}

Friday I am taking a Bloggers day of silence & hoping people will pay attention to this devastation & go donate as much as you can. Go to Ever Ours for more info.

If you can help at all please go to Shelter Box to donate


Celebrating My Dad

Most people are lucky enough to have their parents alive for most of their life. Not me- my father past away when I was 20 & there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about what life would be like with him still here or what life would be like for my children if their father's past away at a fairly young age. He would of been 83 today. He was 14 years older than my mom. She's only a couple years older now than he was when he died- it's weird to think about. In a couple more years I will have lived as long without him as I had with him. I'm not the only person in this world who's lost a parent. I have way too many friends in the same situation who's parents life's where lost to cancer- diabetes- drunk drivers- the list goes on. All of these friends are lucky enough to have people in their lives that fill that void. Maybe it's not completely the same but it's definitely helpful.

The Choules Family- 1979?
bottom- lisa- dad- mom- me
middle- eric- heather- andrea- grandma blair (elsa) michele
missing adopted sister lori : (

I love that my little Ida looks so much like my dad- yes it makes me miss him a little more but it also makes me feel like he's alway here with me.

He past away the weekend before my very first professional ballet performance with ballet Iowa {one of my favorite companies I danced for} He & my mom were suppose to come see my show as well as tour the campus of the University of Iowa where he went to grad school. Wow what a crazy week that was. I had rehearsal till late Monday- then flew home for the viewing & the funeral Tuesday & Wednesday- then flew back to make it to perform Thursday night through the weekend. My mom & my sister Heather still came out to see me. {isn't that amazing} I'm usually a nervous reck before a show but I don't even remember being nervous this time- I had so much crazy sad adrenaline going on- that I don't even remember how the performance went.


Etsy Love/ Artisanie Europe

How adorable are these little miniatures made from Artisanie Europe? Let's face it pretty much anything miniature is adorable.

* I think my fav is the French Maison of course those rabbits are a little to die for.


Have Your Teens Been Sheen-ed

Seriously- people need to show the video rants of Charlie Sheen to their teenagers as anti drug use ads. "This is your brain on drugs" a fried egg's got nothing on Sheen...

guessing the 80's


Here's a mash up of said rants giving you the short of it. He went on forever & ever on 20/20

"Oh shame- oops move on" {on messing with porn stars across the hall from his children} sad 

* see the full interviews here- part 1- part 2- who smokes & drinks during interviews anymore...
** can you imagine the std's being passed around- sooo gross


Go Target!

I've been a bit MIA this past week but I'm back & in full force this week. {at least for today} I hope you all made it to a Target near you today {in my case online} to check out the come back of your favorite designer from their Go International designer collection. You won't be disappointed especially if you missed out buying any of the 34 dresses from some of the greatest designers for Go International over the past 5 years. 

Check out this video Opening Ceremony did for Go international featuring the Bad News step team from the Bronx- how cute are these girls

Step, Clap, Go! from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.

* now how can we get them to bring back orla kiely...


Boys Room Decor

I love this boys room from Danielle at Thompson Family- Life. Vintage goods everywhere! She made a ton of the items in her boys room including the fabric wall clouds & the vintage inspired arrows. Pretty rad lady eh.

* check out her christmas post it's gorgeous & her mommy doll house adorable


Disney Made These...

I'm loving these Pook-A-Looz plush dolls from Disney- I may have to grab one of each of these cuties. Yes they've been around for a while but I'm sort of new to this toddler/ baby world again & I don't buy a ton of Disney products. I'm not sure what stores have them anymore but you can find them online at buy cheaper & amazon

do you see animal from the muppets in there- so great

* I just want to squeeze them all


Guess Who's Back

Shade clothing! I love that they've kept their prices relatively the same! Nothing wrong with a great fitted shirt made with great quality cotton!

may have to get myself one of these {2 for $18} since my hubby put all my clothes in the dryer & most of my prego shirts are now all too short...

I love the shape of this shirt- it would make for a perfect post partum shirt- for the rest of my life...


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