Back From Vacation

We traveled to AZ last week for our summer vacation. Yes I said ARIZONA. Everyone (including my brother) always asks me why we go visit the family in the dead of summer. ⎨it was 106⎬

This is why

My sister Michele's pool
My brother Eric's pool
Little Pookie & K-man
can I pass this off as me?

my niece Zoe

sister Lisa
actually me…
lunch with the sibs & my moms
mexican food
H & M
jewelry making
breakfast for dinner
domestic bliss/ found
red/ vintage clothes shopping
seeing old friends
afternoon naps
driving over 600 miles on husbands birthday
gaining 10 lbs


▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼ НЕАℛTS▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼

So I've been wondering how to make symbols while typing on my computer for a while now, especially the ♥ symbol. I did some research and hot damn... there are so many great symbols available. Did you know you could do ☂ and ♘ and ★ and ☎ and ♳ and ㊴. Really the list goes on…


-Go to Edit on the top of your computer- go down to the bottom & click onto special characters & whala! Tons of super great symbols to choose from. ⧼for a short cut- hold down- alt, command, T⧽

I have a MAC so I'm not entirely sure if this works the same on a PC. I don't know anyone who uses one. I've converted most of my family over to the MAC.

Thanks to The Ohana Mama blog for making it the most clear.


Feeling Some Kate Spade Love

I've never really been a huge fan of Kate Spades handbags but I'm always a big fan of someone who makes things happen. She exploded years ago & she now has clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, seriously the list goes on... I'm loving her clothing line.

When it's super hot outside & super cold inside- stashing a light sweater in your bag/purse is essential. These sweaters add some spice.
Ruffles will never go out of style in my opinion. Whether they are big or small they'll always be around. These dresses are light & ready for some summer love/loving.


What Would Ms. Pillsbury Wear?

Have you seen this blog? Who doesn't think Emma Pillsbury on Glee has the greatest outfits.What would Emma Pillsbury Wear is a blog dedicated to the darling Jayma May's character on this bizarrely wonderful show. They'll do all the hard work of finding where her outfits come from you just have to click & shop.

If you're as addicted to Glee as I am or you're behind the times go here or here. You won't regret it


Father's Day

For Father's Day I bought Adam New York City in a Bag that Muji made from the MoMA store when I went on my girls trip to the NYC. He went to Columbia University & fell in love with New York so I thought this was the perfect gift. Turns out it was! The only problem is he wants to take it to his office & I think it looks perfect in our living room. Guess I'll have to buy him another one for his birthday next week....

They also have Tokyo, London & Paris if you go directly to the Muji sight. Your favorite city in a bag- such a fun & inexpensive present for your friend/lover.

***for a little more mushier post go here


FLea Market at Abode

Don't miss the flea market Saturday June 19th at Abode It's comparable (on a much smaller scale) to the flea market I would go to with my friend Chris in West Hollywood California.

These are just some of the things I bought last month I went. I also bought an old school -school map for $25- I haven't put it up yet so no picture sorry.

Bought this vintage sweater for $3

Bought this original painting for $10

I didn't buy the tricycle or the radio flyer but I wished I had. How cool is that radio flyer.

** Become a follower of Abodes blog & get %10 off your entire purchase inside the store! They have some amazing items so ride your bike NO borrow a truck- tomorrow from 9- 6 (flea market ends at 4)

1720 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Eco- Tip Friday

Use/ Reuse

What do you do with your babies socks that don't fit anymore?

It's a perfect fit

I've been passing on most of my girls clothes that don't fit anymore to my friend Tia & my sister in-law Jen but for some reason I can't give up the Mary Jane shoe socks that my friend Tracy gave to Elsa when she was born •still contemplating having one more baby• Hopefully I don't stretch them out too much...


Just For Boys

or are they...

How great are these car/train/action figure holders from Giftz by David Look for a fighter jet & a helicopter coming soon.

I'm not surprised the star wars one is sold out!


Ida's 1st Year

I think it's pretty crazy how fast/slow a year can go by. I feel like it was just a moment ago that I had Ida. She really has been such a joy to have around. Just look at those eyes. They are so bright & happy. We love this little creature! Happy first year of life. You really make us laugh.

Ida did her first real walking over the weekend. More than 5 steps & that giggle at the end kills me ever time I watch this.

*notice the long sleeves & pants in the video & the tank top in the next photo? Yes we were super cold then super hot the very next day.... UT get it together please


Eco- Tip Friday

Bulk up

Buying items in bulk is a great way of cutting down on unnecessary packaging. We love our costco but our family can't always eat all the perishable items before they go bad. Soooo we share lots of our food with my friend & neighbor Tia & her family. If you like any of your neighbors or you have a friend or family that's lives relatively near you that you think is pretty great SHARE! You end up saving tons of money & you can get a large variety of fruits & vegetables as well.

image via


No Mother Father Swear'n

Ya we just bought one!

I have wanted a mini van forever but we've only needed one the past few months. Going from 1 to 3 kids in just a couple of years you just need a little more room. I never realized how big they are though. I have to fold in my side view mirror just to fit in my garage!

I have no idea why mini vans get such a bad rap. They are amazing. The back seats completely fold into the bottom of the floor, the middle seats slide up & back with an 8th seat that is super easy to take in & out & I have a back up camera so now I can't run over the next door neighbor kids who like to play in our drive way.

You've got to admit that this couple kind of looks like us- though adam has a bit more hair.

I love this video also

*our house was made in the 1920's


Still Recovering

from last Saturday!

8:00am The Bijou Market (in orem)- 1pm Baby Shower (in orem)- 6pm Bijou Clean Up- 7:30 Co-Ed Baby Shower (in alpine) Now Keep in mind I live 45 min north of orem

So I started my Saturday way too early (i'm not a morning person & I had 4 hours of sleep) by driving down to Orem with Susan to set up for The Bijou Market one of the best gals to share a booth with. How amazing is her stuff! & she's the perfect companion to travel 45 min each way with. We can talk about anything & we DO! Then I went back to SLC to change & pick up little pookie. Then back to Orem for a baby shower. Then I went & hung out with one of my besties Stacy & my Aunt Maryann. Then back to the Market to pick up my goods & then to my brother & sister in-laws baby shower.

The Bijou Market
photo by nicole carmen

Michelle's baby shower/ Tea party
Veeda & Suzanne throw a damn good baby shower-such yummy food & treats

one of the prettiest pregnant woman you'll ever see

cindy & the coolest baby shower activity's ever

can you see elsa in her audrey hepburn glasses. she was loving all the treats

pic stolen from Veeda taken by her super nice husband Brendan

The Jen-ton Shower- one of the other prettiest pregnant woman you'll ever see

On the front of Benton's moms invite it had Benton with a guitar + Jen with a guitar = a baby with a guitar hence the creepy doll with a guitar in this picture! It's funny if you know Jann & benton & Jen...

Doesn't Adam look a lot like his dad. Do I look tired- cause I was...


Little Pookie & Bubbles

Sometimes baby Ida is too tired to wait for Elsa to go to bed at night, so little pookie & I get some alone time before she has to go down {husband included most of the time} this night it was just us & we decided we needed to blow & pop bubbles. She tried so hard to blow them herself but to no avail. It was so adorable. She was very successful at popping them though.

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Eco-Tip Friday

You don't always have to use wrapping paper!

Furoshiki gift wrapping is perfect for your crafty friends. They could make a little skirt or pair of pants for their little one with the material you use wrapping their gift. What's that you say? Your friends are not so crafty- no worries you could always use a scarf & make it a double present!

Your gifts will look unique and you'll save paper!


Bijou Market June 5th

I'll be sharing a booth with my super talented friend Susan from Freshly Picked for the Bijou Market this Saturday June 5th. So come & pick up some amazing goods for your daughter, son, husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father or just for yourself! Tons of fabulous vendors will be there & it's only for 1 day...

For you out of town-ers here are a few awesome bloggers doing some giveaways!

the rockstar diaries

bijou market

the coterie blog

P.s. this will probably be my last post this week due to some last minute sewing madness! thanks bijou for letting me be a part of your show!
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