Could You Stomach This

Modern Toilet is a Taipei restaurant that accommodates 100 seats. Toilet seats that is! Each seat is made from a toilet bowl. Frozen yogurt to look like poop served out of urinal shaped bowls, soup out of tubs & toilet bowls- could you do it- eat out of bowls that resemble the most unsanitary objects in the world? I have to say the food still looks pretty yummy!


Quilt Group

I joined a neighborhood quilt group this year with my friend tia. 15 lovely ladies all random ages. We make 1-2 squares a month then bring them to quilt group. Then one (or 2) of the women in quilt group receives those squares to make themselves a quilt with. This year they've decided to have everyone pick from their scraps at home & make a random 9 1/2 square. This really didn't excite me too much. In my head i'm thinking this will not work, I need my quilt to match, but so far it seems like it might work out.

I didn't take a picture of the first 2 which makes me sad but here is my square for this month. I think it turned out pretty good if you don't look too closely at the different sizes of the rectangles/ turned squares. I seem to make up my squares instead of looking at a pattern which ends up working against me in the long run.



The name of this ballet is Amelia. It's performed by the dance company La La La Human Steps & choreographed by Edouard Lock.



So I was going through my picasa photo albums last night deleting pictures so I would have more room on this blog & I didn't read the fine lines that said Are you sure you want to delete this photo? It will no longer appear in your blog if you delete it. It may take up to 24 hours for photos to be removed. I finally read the fine lines after erasing about 1/2 of my pictures! What a pain! I still haven't uploaded
all of them back & i'm not sure I will. Do people really look back as far as 3 months. Well i'm sorry if
you do cause i'm being lazy & i'm way too busy right now.

P.S. if you want more storage room just create another email address & use that to post with. I'm sure
everyone knows that but me.

Did you know you can buy Elsa Bags in the Shade stores for the next 10 weeks. The first 2 weeks they are
in the Orem store. Check this link out for more info

& starting March 3rd I'll have my goods in The Patina Market for 2 weeks. I still haven't fully figured out
what's going in there, but i'm thinking a bunch of repurposed clothes. I'm cutting them out tonight.
lots of skirts & some baby clothes & of course some State & Letter necklaces. I may have a few mustache
pillows as well. I can't wait to get ahold of these skirts though. The fabric is 70's fab.


How Cute Are These Booties

Yummy & warm- how nice- & they're up-cycled! Wooly Baby uses old wool sweaters and leather jackets to make their booties. They also use a natural soap for the felting process and cedar wood to naturally protect from moth damage so they are eco friendly.

Wooly baby on etsy



Now that we are finally both healthy- we should kiss on the mouth



Love These Songs

I'm a huge fan of songs sung by a girl & a boy - the band Rabbit doesn't fail when it comes to being totally rad. check them out here Get a free track here

Candy From A Car from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

Happy Little Pea from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.


Love Letters 101

1) Get invited to a birthday/ valentine card making party-
2) let go & be the cheese ball you know you can be

We don't really give into the whole Valentines day flower giving/ chocolates/ gift giving, (wait a minute- I must be a fool) Although last year we decided to make it our annual giving of a love letter to each other. (which in anyone else's eyes is called a valentine!) shhh don't tell us that.

this year whilst at Emily & Michelle's joint birthday party I made a card for husband.

let's dive into this thing called love!

Husband wrote me this amazing love letter. I've already read it 5 times. We exchanged them today cause we celebrated february birthdays yesterday- little pookie- her twin cousins, born 3 days before her & her big brother born the day after & 10 years before her. Super fun party. I'll post pics from that another time. My sister in law made the most amazing birthday crown for elsa. I can't wait to show it off.


Last Minute Valentines

Kaleb & I did these valentines for Elsa's primary class. The one's with the big lollipops are for her teachers. I found this idea first here in liz's weekend round up. She found them here on design mom. & Gabby found them here on 24-7-365..

I wished we were able to get a deeper picture so the lollipop stood out better, but getting a 2 year old to pose with her hand exactly like you want is no easy feat. After 15 minutes of trying to direct & take a picture-adam came in and took over the camera so I could direct her. (kaleb did try- he even bribed her with chocolate) I still like how they turned out. Little pookie looks adorable pretty much doing anything in my eyes.

These Girls Have Done It Again!

Harvey Faircloth is back with a spring/summer line & they are going to start selling online soon.


Camera Art

How cool is this 28 Camera Drawings
by Scottish gal Christine Berrie I've always been a little bit obsessed with old fashion cameras. Well pretty much anything that is old fashion. Camera's use to look like really cool toys, now I'm scared to touch a nice one cause I'm too afraid I'll break it!
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