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this may or may not be husband & me

So I started this blog years ago as a way for people to see the styles of my bags & so they could choose from those styles.

I started my family blog so my family & friends that weren't near by could check out the going ons in our life. It has been really fun to post baby pictures & kid pics & friends & family in town etc. One day I would like to turn it into a book. I guess it would be my kind of scrapbooking for my kids.

So I noticed that people kept coming to this blog (probably because some friends have a link from their blogs to this one) only to be disapointed to never really see anything new. So last year I decided to build on my elsa bags blog site in hopes to show the more creative/ design side of me. I hope you all are enjoying this so far. Still trying to find my niche.

I know plenty of you are checking on this blog once in a while. So PLEASE leave a comment. I would love to check your blog out as well. I mean we are all here for each other right?


Date- Kiss or Dump?

remember when you where a tweenager & you wrote I heart Ricky Schroder all over your notebook at school? (ok I'm showing my age)

now- with his son (what a cutie)

well the boys that tweeners/ teenagers swoon over these days are of a different league! check these hotties out starting with my very own brother in law Benton Paul
Take yourselves back to those teenage days & have fun playing the Date- Kiss or Dump game. (don't worry you're not being creepy- most of them are in their 20's...)


An Excerpt From One OF My Favorite Ballets

sylvie guillem - in the middle somewhat elevated-

What can I say- she's amazing!


How beautiful Are These Dolls

Check out these beautiful dolls by Marina Bychkova's. I'm not really crazy about dolls but these dolls with their amazing clothes are fabulous & their price will show you just how fabulous they really are!


Artist Love

I love these painting by Matte Stephens He's inspired by mid 20th century industrial & graphic design & it shows. He's even designed for one of my favorite textiles designers, Jonathan Adler

I've always wished I could draw/ paint. I'm so jealous of my friends who can keep themselves occupied by some amazing doodling (yes Purrington boys I'm talking about you) You can buy Matte's prints on his etsy store.


Now I Know My ABC's

Ohhh I can't wait to do this in my girls room. my sister sent me this link from ohdeedoh long ago, but reminded me of it this past weekend while she was in town. Saturday we went antique shopping & I found 8 letters. Only 18 to go!

I love my friend Jessica's collection of letters

letter found from in fab stores below
Abode/ blog
Second Hand Chic/ blog
Now & Again/ blog

send me info if you know of some great shops to get letters from


So Funny & Gross At The Same Time

& maybe a little sad for the flies- but really mostly hilarious!

stolen from here



I've been here 5 times already- in 3 weeks... Kind of gross. Kind of really good!

P.S. It still looks out of place to me being in Utah


R.I.P. Your Heart Out

Thanks for the etsy write ups & all the information about the going on's around Utah. You'll be missed.



I love looking at cribs. Modern cribs to be exact. Search the web for modern cribs & you will see what i'm talking about. Here are a few of my favorite modern cribs from All Modern.com

The only problem with great modern cribs is the price tag that comes with them. When I was searching for a crib 2 1/2 years ago it was impossible to find a really good looking modern crib under $600. I did find this one for under $400 at our local baby store babinski's It also turns into a toddler bed & now sells at target & tons of other places. We love it so much that we even bought another one for baby Ida. These days there are at least a handful out there under $400 worth buying. here are a few little beauty's from Walmart & Target

1 & 2 - BSF Baby - Austin Crib 'n Changer Combo, Cherry- this one's cool cause you can use part of the crib as a head board later & the dresser separates from the crib
3- Baby Mod - ParkLane 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso
4- Modern Chic - Modena 3-in-1 Crib with 3-Drawer Dresser, White/Dark Cherry
5- Baby Mod - Olivia 3-in-1 Crib, Amber and White
6- DwellStudio for Target®Silver Lake Convertible Crib 2nd Edition in Walnut/White


What Baby Doesn't Want Skinny Jeans...

Oh how I love these jeans from the Gap -

I have a few jeans for I.J. from when little pookie was her age that i've always liked but hated the legs. I bought them from Old Navy before they started making skinnier legged jeans for baby's. I've always wanted to turn them into skinny jeans, but I've just been too lazy. Finally after realizing that I never put them on I.J. for that very reason & seeing this tutorial from freshly picked I've fixed them.

Whala! I didn't take any before pictures-
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