Star Wars Love

"Make your own story" These were made by a creative team of students at the Escola Cuca Advertising School in San Paolo, Brazil. I have a feeling these kids are going to do alright.

♻ from my modern met via white zine



The fall/ winter collection from Prada- I pretty much love everything about it!

check out this video to see it all- you won't regret it

* here's a shorter version for those of you with short attention spans... 


Modern Love/ MoMA store

Every time I'm in NYC I have to go to the MoMA store after checking out the Museum so I can see what cool tricks the designers have been up to in person. No such luck this year on the "in person" part so here are some of my fav's online! {part 1 in the kitchen} 

the cutest little matryoshka measuring cups ever!
moscardino sporks- ones sides a spoon- the others a fork- made of 100% corn starch compound making them biodegradable & = totally awesome!
I love toast so these toast it coasters = the best thing ever- they totally tricked me at first glance 
{first seen via syth}


New in the Shop- Mess Mats

Are you sick of your carpets or hard wood floors getting food all over them? Sticky all the time? Then you need one of these! It's an oil cloth mess cloth ready to catch all your baby or toddlers spills.

choose your pattern
Pick up & dump crumbs & other yucky's in the sick- then wipe clean with a wet rag- WHALA! no messy carpets or hard wood floors anymore!

p.s these are also great for your child's table crafts- ie. play dough fun- glue projects- coloring... {save your dining room table from child abuse!}

47* 47 inches

Dolce Vita

My favorite booties that I own also come in kids versions on Endless.com- Lucky kids!

dolce vita scout ankle bootie- {the brown is 1/2 off right now}
dolce vita cubby ankle boot- {also on sale}
looks like Ida wished they came in her size

* dolce vita & dv by dolce vita is one of my favorite brands ever


Pregnancy & All It's Rules

Why are there so many rules to follow when you're pregnant? I'm not going to lie- when I was 24 & I was pregnant with Kaleb {surprised & not ready} I thought I could eat whatever I wanted- soft cheeses, deli meats, cookie dough, caffeine - I didn't know I wasn't suppose to sleep on my back- I didn't know I was suppose to sleep on my left side- I had no idea you were suppose to stay away or do these things. Nor did I know you were suppose to make sure you had folic acid in your diet or vitamins. Luckily {haha} I ate poorly-ish enough that I new prenatal pills would help make me feel like I was getting some of the nutrition I was missing out on.... {**side note I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 3 months along & I promise I read books as soon as I knew & did as much as I could to redeem my poor eating habit ways}

Getting remarried in my 30's has really sped up the growth of my family. Seriously! Fast forward 10 years after Kaleb & just shy of a day I had Elsa- then 16 months later Ida & now I'm pregnant with my last child. I feel like I was way more ready for Elsa & Ida & -since I was trying to get pregnant. I read a lot about "The Rules" so I started taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant to make sure I got the folic acid I needed & I feel like I've been trying extra hard this last time around to eat more greens. So while I may still drink soda & I have had goat cheese on my pizza for the first time in 5 months last week- I"m definitely trying way harder these days to step it up & follow "The Rules" because let's face it as hard as it is to carry a child around for 9 months- it certainly is incredible when that little creature comes out & you feel you did the best you could to keep that baby healthy.

here are some helpful hints for all you new mamma's out there

p.s. we are pretty excited to have a baby choules-paul boy- except that I have no idea what to do with a boy anymore- It's been so long {13 years} We just hope he likes to dance party as much as kaleb & the girls do....

* images from we ❤ it


Delicious Art

Don't these cookies look pretty & delicious. I want to paint one of my walls pantone 325 & maybe the gold color. If you're in NYC tonight- February 16th- stop by the McNeill Art Group in Tribeca between 6-9 pm to taste these babies first hand.

* the cute tins can be found here 
♻ from inspiration lab


Pattern Testing

So Angela from The Artists' House was doing a review for Lena from Lena's Needle Craft Patterns & asked me to whip up a pair of her little booties. They where really easy & where similar to the booties I use to make out of fleece. They took me about 45 minutes but would have taken less time if the kids where napping- BUT they where playing in the living room next to us & trying to get our attention any chance they could. My little Ida loves to come give me hugs every 15 minutes & come on I really can't complain about that. {that little girls holds my heart in her hands & she knows it}

I decided to make them a size 3- 6 months & to line them in fleece. That way they are ready for new baby & the colder weather. Have I mentioned I'm having a BOY! So excited about this. He's quite the little kung fu artist already- kicking like crazy- especially today.

this is the pair Angela made- super cute eh
* over all I would suggest for anyone to buy any of Lena's patterns- {they are super cheap- $4.50- $6. 50}  each come with a bunch of different sizes so when your little one grows out of the one pair you can just whip up another- but do it while he/ she is sleeping....

**the artist house is also doing two giveaways-15 fat quarters from the fandango, kate spain line + 2 patterns from needle craft patterns! giveaway ends monday so go enter now.

*** did anyone watch the grammy's? finally a really good band {arcade fire} won the album of the year! if you haven't heard their 2004 album funerals just buy it today. it's one of the best albums EVER!


Valentines Love/ the Dreadful Day is Here

Just kidding! Valentines is really pretty fun when you have some kiddo's involved. We had to bring Valentines to Elsa & Ida's nursery class yesterday at church- so being the kind of person that hates spending money on things I created the valentines below. I used the same illustration I used for Elsa's birthday invite- I just took out a few balloons to make it smaller & changed the coloring & added a back which I wish I had now done with the invite. {who doesn't like a cute robot butt} I had fun adding some Japanese masking tape. I think it adds such cuteness to everything. {remember last years elsa so cute}

We stuffed them with sweetheart candies {read the history of the sweetheart candy here- ♻ say yes to hoboken} & closed them off with japanese masking tape

* sorry about the terrible iphone pics- why am i so lazy...
** last image from kim creative star


2 Cakes & 2 Birthdays!

My little Elsa turned 3 yesterday & my first baby is 13 today! 13 has the word teen in it- WHAT- I have a teenager? How can this be- i'm not old enough- haha. We had a family party Sunday so I attempted this owl cake my friend Tia showed me. She made one for her baby's first birthday {her's turned out perfectly}. She found the recipe here. Mine turned out a little more plump than the pro's at parenting.com- probably cause the bowls I used where a little larger than they suggested. {its all I had} 

We decided to have a "friends" party for Elsa. It was her first & I have a feeling we won't get away without having one every year from now on. It all started with us looking through the cakes on parenting.com. She saw the robot cake & decided she wanted a robot party- so when your daughter is cool enough to ask you for a robot party you give her a robot party- right? Now I can't say my robot cake looked anything like theirs- but it looked a little like the invite I made to send to her friends. 
{& it looked way better in person}

the invite

For an activity we made robots out of large & small marshmallows- pretzel sticks & toothpicks- the kids loved it & it totally calmed them down after running around like little crazy people- just in time to eat super sugary robot dot cake 

elsa's marshmellow-bot

with Grandma Ida- eating part of her bots arm

oh did I mention I made her a robot dress

she thought it would be funny to run from the camera 

then pretend to call her daddy

we took it outside to try & get some better lighting

but she refused to stay still- they are wearing each others shoes

close up on the robots

Now for my 13 yr. old! Kaleb decided he wanted money instead of a party- but he still received a few really great presents 
{this one is from my mom- she wrapped it in pink duct tape!}

he had about 5 things to unwrap before he got to his actual present- then she put rocks in it to fool him into thinking it was something heavy

little big planet 2- {he's been waiting forever for this}

we gave him this iplunge- & a trip to visit his cousins in Kansas City this summer by himself- since new baby will be joining us & we won't be able to go on a family summer vacation this year.
{he thought it was funny to stick it on Ida's forehead- she didn't mind}


French Vintage

Ahhh the French! Not only do they have amazing food but they have some amazing vintage kids goods. Check out these little rockers- the rocker bed & that vintage car. Love them!

Canard à bascule 1960

Voiture à pédales

Faon à roulettes 1940

Ane à bascule en bois

Lit Bambi

* all from little vintage- check out their vintage clothes- sooo good
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