Best father's day gift ever? I think so- until he's a teenager...

Have you wondered where I've been? I didn't think so- but just in case you were curious- we had a very busy weekend bringing our little Kung- fu baby into the world- just in time for fathers day! What a lucky dad Adam is & what a lucky wife I am to have such a wonderful husband.

Thomas Reynford Paul {Reyn}
Born June 18th* 9:41 a.m.* 8.3 lbs* 20 1/2 inches long 

Elsa took to Reyn right away- when anyone comes over she tells them "That's my brother- I named him Reyn" Ida not so much. She'll come up to him & basically say hi baby then ignore him the rest of the day. Kaleb's super cute. Whenever he's not on the computer or reading so he can play on the computer- he wants to hold him. He's so stoked to have another boy in the family.

big bro love

elsa- the second time she came into the hospital- she couldn't get enough


Etsy Love/ Winding

Who doesn't love themselves a hunky strong merman with a stache? There's no denying that Marvin the merman made by Winding on Etsy is cool- super suave & could keep any mermaid satisfied...

wouldn't mind me a little kate & will as well


Summer Shoe Love

I'm wanting some new summer shoes BAD- one of my favorite online stores never fails to make me want- want- want- any one of these osborns will do!


Oh Baby

I can't believe my baby's 2! Ida is soooo different from Elsa it's amazing. She can be sweet one minute & unbelievably spicy the next. We never know what to expect with this little creature but when she wants to snuggle I'm first in line. Happy Birthday beautiful girl.

 playing with bubbles

* too many pictures? ya but she's such a cutie-how could I not...


Catching My Dreams

Ah man these days I am having the craziest dreams. Only 4 more days till my dreams get even more wilder - when this baby decides he's just not quite ready to get out of his comfy little water sac. {I keep thinking this little kung-fu artist is going to come out soon but I know I'm going to be late- it's just how I roll}

I need this wall of dreamcatchers that artist Alexandra from gjurasicpark made to help me out. How pretty are those colors. 

& for my day dreams- this dreamcatcher necklace from the darling boutique will do!


DIY Braided Beaded Necklace

I just came across this DIY on Creature Comforts blog looking back through some of her amazing archives. I love how simple & beautiful it is + it's turquoise! oh how I love turquoise.

DIY  by ECAB {eighteenth century agrarian business} 


Architecture Love/ Pinterest Love

Ugh! I found this amazing architect site thanks to my sister Lisa.  I say Ugh- because I can't break away! The homes & buildings on Home DSGN are amazing! If you haven't heard of Pinterest than you have probably just been introduced to the world wide web. {I'm amazed you were able to find my blog...} I had friends trying to convince me again & again to join the pinning craze- but it wasn't until I went to AZ & my sister Michele sat me down & wouldn't let me get off the couch until I signed up. Let's just say my arce fell asleep from not moving for a few hours & pinning everything in site that I loved.

Point of bringing up Pinterest & Home DSGN- Home DSGN is keeping me up all night pinning like a mad women tonight- I CAN'T STOP! So maybe don't go to their website & It's probably in your best interest not to sign up for Pinterest because you're just going to start waisting even more time on that computer of yours...

here is a little taste of the architecture on Home DSGN- so YUMMY!
lefevre beach house by longhi architects

house made of glass & concrete in sicily by architrend architecture

paddington x2 house by mck architects

*p.s if you love to waist time & you want an invite to Pinterest {yes you have to be invited} leave a comment below or just email me & i'll send you one asap--- nbaglady@gmail.com 


Etsy Love/ Robots

As some of you may know I love pretty much anything robot & I think these robot prints from John W. Golden are perfect for any childs room. {he has boy & girl robots!}

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