Posting From My IPhone

Has anyone ever posted from their phone? Has anyone ever answered one of my questions on here... Haha

I've been posting from my iPhone lately because our Internet is down & it's really not so great. I am surprised that it's quite a bit easier than I thought though- except for the fact that I'm not able to link from it or use my own pictures- it makes for a good sleepless night something to do project.

I've been trying to upload a picture from google, but my phone hates me just like my Internet & just like the cable television in my sewing room {this I learned when I finally returned to my sewing room tonight after a 2 week hiatus} who can sew without trashy t.v?

Anyway the picture was of one of Yoshitomo Nara's creations called sleepless night. I'm such a huge fan of his. So I'll have to put it up when I get my Internet working again. {sometime between 8-noon on Friday...} nevermind that I was going to plan a play date for the girls & myself then.

***Ok guess it wasn't my stupid phone with the green line down the middle. (need to get that checked ) Found a couple pics that work.

For the Dog Lover

Available in 12 breeds! HA- seriously I think I would truly want one of these from Whatever Works.com if I loved dogs. This is their description- Creative canines combine two loves in your life--your dog and your garden. Add whimsy, personality and individuality to a patio, perennial border or front door, through the expressive media of wire and sphagnum moss. No green thumb needed, they arrive lush and maintain their verdant hue. awesome huh

{I really-really want to make fun of these some more-but I think I secretly love them}


Up-cycled Men's Shirts

I love a good up- cycled piece of clothing. These pieces made from men's button up shirts are pretty great.

I love what Supayana from Etsy has done with these men's dress shirts.

Up-cycled dress from Folk Living

Sweet little dress from All The Numbers

super cute button up round pillow from Annilygreen


California Loves Us

Off to California for a couple of weddings & girl time with my friends Christina & Camille. Excited to see a lot of old friends. Whoot Whoot!

{image from google}



Modern Love/ Living Pad

I wish I had a living room space big enough for this beautiful living pool/couch found on Design Museum. The best part is how you can totally change it up. I guess I could fit half of it into my house.

Description taken from the Design Musem sight {Luigi Colani 1970 living pad pool consisting of the square ground, border and corner elements of polyfoam with detachable covers in various fabrics. Supplementary cushions and black or white slide tables}


Meet Roxy

I finally met one of my favorite artists last weekend- Roxana Fulton-Asami. Not only is she an amazing artist she is an incredible blogger! She has three blogs. Roxy Marj- Her man blog- & Her kid blog Be sure to read the descriptions on her art work. So funny. Love her


Summer Time & the Living is Easy...

As summer ends around our house for our oldest {school starts tuesday- 7th grade!} I'm drawn to this photo shoot taken on Coney Island for Working Class Magazine & wishing it was sooo much longer. Jamie Beck took these pictures. Her tumblr From Me To You is full beautiful pictures- be sure to check it out.

How cute are these models? & can i please get me one of those vintage bathing suits {leotard?}

p.s. i'm pretty sure husband would die for a pair of those swim trunks


Craft Lake City- Fav's

Of course anything Susan makes is a fav- but Elsa Bags + Freshly Picked = Good Times & lots of AWESOME goods! I don't ever want to do another show alone. Especially if it's one that we have to man the booth. Susan is magnetic. She draws in the fun & the buyers...

{I'm wearing a shirt I made for CLC- I'll have some in the store soon}

some of my new onesies- going in the store soon

Susan's amazing moccasins & wallets & ponytail holders where selling like hot cakes
{I don't even know what that means}

the amazing artist phoenix with her kids- in andy chase's booth

this was our cute neighbor teresa flowers

I really want one of these hipster friends made by felicia koloc from let's be friends

kanani hayes from vinylicious designs

eva & kirk with sycamore street press had awesome stuff- they were kind enough to do some trading! love everything they do. especially my friends amy & kristins stuff & eva's too!

ashley geissing from isabell's umbrella

gibbs & keri rainock of crowsmack

still trying to figure out who this is? any ideas??? totally precious

loved- loved- loved these band posters by travis bone from furturtle show prints

the famous leia bell {i may have bought a poster}

yes this creepy painting was painted by the sweetest looking girl in the world- kat martin

sara pace from noble town vintage

*pics taken by bdoran, swainston, peter anderson, gavin sheehan



Converse shaped bandaids Yes please! I know I'm always posting items from The Spoon Sisters shop, but I can't help it. They have hundreds of rad items including all of these bandaids to help make your boo boo's not only get better but look better along the way.


Silicone Short Handle Pot Grips

I love these silicone short handle pot grips from The Spoon Sisters. I'm always burning my fingers on my stupid pots. Seriously this shop has tons of great items.

These Grab & Dry Gloves are pretty great also. I could have used these at my moms after dinner last Sunday night.


Craft Lake City

Don't forget to come!

* & bring me and Susan diet coke while you're at it...

Making Sock Monsters

My nieces- Zoe (11) & Hannah (12) saw a picture of some sock monsters in a parenting magazine at my moms house & ask if they could make them. My mom was going to take them to the dollar store to get supplies but I told them that there was no need- I was sure I had everything that they needed stuffed away in my way too packed & way too messy sewing room & I did- except for the socks {which I found in my old sock drawer- I really need to clean that thing out...}

They were super easy. I helped do some of the sewing but they did all the designing themselves. I definitely have two of the most creative nieces around. {did I mention they speak french}

Zoe's - Hannah's

just look at that mouth on Zoe's & that tooth on Hannah's- adorable

Did I mention they can draw! They both love Japanese anime-Hannah drew this of my family -check out my mustache t-shirt & Ida's pacifier & the boys jeans- oh the details are killing me...

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