Beehive Bazaar

Don't forget about the Beehive Bazaar this weekend starting Thursday December 2nd from 9pm - midnight in Provo!

Friday Dec. 3rd 10- 10pm
Saturday Dec. 4th 10- 8pm


Thanksgiving Hangover

I have had 3 thanksgiving meals since 2 Saturdays ago plus 2 days of left overs! I'm turkey-ed out to the max. I promise I'm not complaining- every single meal was amazing.

It's an annual tradition for my friends to get together & have Friendsgiving {Thanksgiving with friends} 2  Saturdays ago-  after I cleaned up my booth at the Bijou Market in Provo & after going through the drive through at  In N' Out {cause I thought I would be too late to get any food} I went over to my friend Kristen's super cute house to have friendsgiving. Our friend Christopher has a deep fryer so he deep fries the turkey almost every year. {this is possibly the best way to cook a turkey} it's so tender & soooo tasty. People brought like 8 sweet potato dishes & yes I had a little of each one- plus I made a pumpkin pie shake by putting a piece of pie in a cup full of vanilla ice cream & mixed it around.  I went home feeling mighty full.

andrew- me- christina- brighamcindy
michelle - painting by marsha
the cliffords
bryton- our host kristen
elin- kung fu chris
emily- nephew wyatt

olive- uncle danny

matt- jared

notice almost all of my friends have blogs- even the guys
{all pics were stolen from Facebook from some girl I don't know}

Then we had Thanksgiving with Adam's family {see pic below}- GG makes the best stuffing & pumpkin pie! Everything else was awesome too.

pic from nieces 2nd birthday party

Thirdly we had a Sunday/ Thanksgiving meal at my moms- YUMMY! 

{my two ida's}


Bijou Market November 19th & 20th

I'll be selling my goods along side Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked this coming Friday & Saturday in Provo City. This is why I've been missing this week & may be missing for a while. 

Here are some of the new goods I've been working on for the upcoming shows.

mess cloths for under your highchair or to use on your table while the kids draw or play with their play dough.

reusable snack sacs- perfect for kids or adults

all purpose wet sacs- great for diapers & wipeys or little one's dirty clothes

I still have a couple new tricks up my sleeve- we'll see if I can get them made by Friday...

p.s. have I mentioned that I have 2 amazing interns! They are the only reason I've been able to get so much done these last couple of weeks. Cutting everything out for me. I have piles of goods to sew for weeks. I'll be featuring them on here next week when I have a little more time to be on this computer.


H & M Why do you Tease us So

With your commercials  & your online store that we can't even order from...

& now Lanvin is coming the end of November & I'm sure I won't be near a store for months. I really hate you right now.

I love how cozy this coat looks
& this sweater
Polka dots- yes please

& for the girls {wish they had this sweater in my size}

 I love sweater dresses on my girls


Yo Gabba Gabba

What are you doing this afternoon? We are going to Yo Gabba Gabba's live show! So excited! Can you tell. My brother in law Benton Paul is doing the Dancy Dance! Whoot whoot!


Poster Love

Loving these prints by Scott C found over at Poster Cabaret.  They have a huge amount of talented artist. Be sure to check them out. In Scotts Bio on the Poster Cabaret it says that Scotts work is intended to elicit a reaction of glee in people. That's exactly how I felt when I saw the following posters. They really are pretty funny.

BBQ at Kong's
Building with the Bowies


Pizza with the Ramones

Thriller Party


Steve from Blue's Clues

Who would have thought Steve Burns from the original Blue's Clues would have such a cool pad in Williamsburg NY. {seen in NY Magazine} I can only picture him in his show {that now shows in syndication} talking to the screen with his perfectly calm voice {that sucks my children in} & his green & white striped polo shirt basically doing the same thing day after day. Good job

I love the design of this house- he has 2000 square feet in NY! 
p.s. ladies he's looking for love

♻ from for me, for you


Etsy Love

Sorta wishing my head was miniature so I could wear one of these.

from the etsy shop weecherie
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