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I started a Kickstarter to take my company to the next level. You can
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DIY ~ Tiny Clay Heart Valentine Garland

I decided to leave my pink Christmas trees up for Valentines day after I saw my friend Heather & Courtney's on their IG feed. Love those amazing & super creative ladies. One thing mine was missing though was a teeny tiny polymer clay heart garland. That & some raccoon lovers.

  1. what you'll need- polymer clay-tool with sharp edge {knife will work}-needle- string
  2. pick what colors you want to use
  3. mold the clay into a heart
  4. use your tool or knife to make a crease at the top
  5. make a hole straight through your heart so you can thread it later
  6. put your hearts in the oven {read directions on the package}
  7. string your hearts & display {I used tiny little * 3m hooks see picture below}

* 3m has saved my walls time & time again. also they are reusable!


Past Valentines DIY's for your Kids

Here are some of my favorite Valentines I've made for my girls in the past.

Hey There Valentine

Valentines Robot Love

DIY ~ Crochet Heart Valentines

Chocolate Mustache Lollies- 

                                   sorry no tutorial for this. I just bought chocolate molds from 
                                michaels & used pink chocolate melts. The kids loved them

*I'm not sure what i'll be doing this year but i'll be sure to post when I do!


A Hip & Handmade Holiday

I had a great time helping Susan & Alison with introducing their A Hip and Handmade Holiday It's a digital book with tons of fun Christmas Diy's. You can buy yours here. They call themselves the Craft Pack. Sounds kind of tuff huh... 

here I am with the famous crafter courtney snowden at the after party

If you want to see any of the famous bloggers that came to town to help film each tutorial check out the links below.

Nicole from Making it Lovely
Ez from Creature Comforts {she really is as nice as she is pretty}
Emily from Small Fry
Courtney from C Jane Kendrick
Jen from Tater tots and Jello
Heather from The House of Smiths
Natalie from Nat the Fat Rat
Jen from A Merry Mishap
Liz from Cotton and Curls

can't forget the lovely ladies of vivint who where amazing sponsors


Halloween 2012

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays & one of my favorite times of the year. The weather this year was amazing. We did a couple of awesome DIY's for diy club. My girls dressed up as princesses again & I was ok with it- sort of... {one day i'll get them to be doctors or super heros}

 since we had a couple of parties to go to I decided to have reyn dress up in a couple of different  costumes. suave french guy & a milk man just using clothing I had on hand.
 here we also have ida as a "princess witch" & elsa as snow white.


I made some white chocolate ghosts from candy melts for a super fun party at carolines

our diy's this year were really fun. We made the ghosts below & Haunted houses. I'm so glad to be adding to my halloween decor. 

 we had a super fun halloween/ birthday party to go to for our friend tia at classic skate- yes we got our skate on- we were bacon & eggs. unfortunately our sumo wrestler friends got really hungry 


Witchy Witchy Girl- Cross Stitch

I'm selling these cute little halloween cross stitched witches- straight off this blog. See how to order below

Pick what you want your cutest littlest witch to look like?

Here's how it works- 

copy paste the following with your answers & send them to elsabags@gmail.com

1) pick a hair color [pink- purple- blue- greenred]- see hues below _______________________________
2) pick the tights color [pinkpurplebluegreen- red] same hues as hair ___________________________
3) pick the eye color [brownbluegreen] _______________________________________________
4) tell me if you want a jack-o-lantern face or no face  ___________________________________
5) pick a belt or a bow to go around her waist  _________________________________________
6) tell if you want stripes on her tights [I will use black thread- tell me if you want another color] ________
7) pick the silver or gold sparkly back ground fabric [belt or bow & cat collar will coordinate] _____
8) tell me if you want a vintage frame for $3 more [i'll send you a photo of what I have] _____________
9) leave your paypal address & I'll send you a bill for $20 [add $3 shipping if not local - locals can pick up] ________________________
10) get your little witch in 1 week!

witches hair #892- tights lime

witches hair #3833- tights lime

I've added one square stitch on the legs to make them a
 little longer for the stripes to show up better

silver fabric- witches hair #209- tights lime- stripes #905- eyes #905- silver belt

 Pinks   #956   #957   #3833   #892

Purple  #208   #209   #210   #153   #718 

Blue  #3844   #3846   #747   #517   #324                    

Green   #lime   #562  #903
cross stitch stats
* witch is 2 1/2 inches tall
* full cross stitch is 3 * 4 inches

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