Christmas Round Our House 2011

I'm already sad Christmas is almost over. I'm still making new Christmas decorations! Why? Who knows! Sometimes I like to change things up around the house. This year I made or bought a few handmade items to add to our christmas decor.

christmas shelves- land of misfit toys- santa's galore- mix of vintage

we decided to go gold again this year with unbreakable ornaments

we also got a new tree topper at the beehive bazaar

my new friend courtney made this {isn't it gorgeous} as well as the blue house above & the santa shoe filled with vintage goodness

christmas tree collection & stockings- minus reyns {not going to get to it this year}

*** Also if you love christmas music as much as I do- check out this cover of Rockin Around The Christmas tree my brother in law Benton Paul & his wife Jen - I ♥ it soooo much!


So How's Everyone?

I've been the worst blogger lately! I blame the insane amount of pom poms I have been making. I ended up making 6 wreaths for my local shows- yes I said 6! Each wreath had approximately 66 pom poms. So that's 6 x 66 = 396 pom poms! Let's just say I'm a little over pom poms & I still have one more wreath to make- but it's top secret who it's for....

I haven't even shown you the pom pom trees I made. Super cute & kind of fun. Baby pom poms are so much quicker to make than the big ones. 


DIY: How to Make Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

I've been wanting to make bottle brush Christmas trees for years- so when a few of my girlfriends put together a craft night to make them I was in! I decided to put together a little tutorial for any of you out there who would like to make your own. It's really easy- but beware- it is a bit time consuming. If you can get together with some friends it helps with costs & makes the night so much more fun! 

1) start by buying some village accessory trees- we found Home depot had the best deals but your local fabric or craft store will have them as well

2) grab a pot- fill it with water & bleach {follow direction on the bleach bottle for the water to bleach ratio then add a bit more} I left mine in over night

3) let them dry standing up- otherwise the brush will smoosh

4) buy some dye- we used fushia- kelly green & blue rit dye

make sure you use gloves! I actually used gloves but then put my hand in just a little to far... they were short gloves!

5) set them out to dry again- this time have a fan blowing on them so you can get started with decorating ASAP. they'll turn out darker the longer you leave them in- lighter if you put them in for just a few seconds

6) decorate the trees with glitter or fake snow-we used Martha Stewarts glittering glue to glue the bling on. spread it onto the trees & then roll your trees in the glitter or snow.  

you can see the pretty-ness happening already!

7) cut up your beads & hot glue them onto your trees {we used colorful mardi gras beads from the party store zurchers - martha stewart pearl colored beads & holiday gold & silver colored garland beads from joann's}

8) make sure you have your big gulp of diet coke/diet dr. pepper even if it's 10 pm...

9) add some deer or whatever & Ta-Da! {these trees have gold glitter on them- it's hard to see in this picture but they're really pretty}

I used wax paper snow on the trees below- just an FYI the glue didn't really keep the snow on very well so I ended up spreading the hot glue on the trees a little bit at a time- then rolled the tree in the snow


Reusable Christmas Tags- Dandee designs

I have so many friends who have a tradition of giving a want- need- wear- read items to their spouses & kids for Christmas. How cool are these Want -Need -Wear -Read wooden reusable tags from Dandee Designs. I love the idea of anything reusable. We may have to start this tradition around here only I'll have to make the last one a listen...

I'm also loving this cross stitch pattern kit you can buy & everything else in Danyelle's shop!



Nail & String Letters

Have you seen this DIY over at JK JK? Jen {my amazing sister in law} was inspired by the string letters over at her local Anthropologie. Such a great way to spice up your kitchen! Go here to get the step by step & how too(s).

I've always loved nail & string art. I have this flower string art in my hallway that I bought at one of my favorite local antique stores Retro Rose quite a few years ago.

here's a close up- so much string!


Wreaths now in the Shop!

Lot's of wreaths in my Etsy shop. Check them out- oh & you get FREE SHIPPING!


Pom Poms Galore

Have you been wondering where I've been? Well I've been up to my _______ in POM POMS! I decided I needed something new to make for my shop & some up coming shows. So I decided to make pom pom wreaths. As tedious as making pom pom after pom pom is- the end result is so pretty & fluffy you just want to
feel it up cuddle with it.

oh & I guess I've been busy with this little guy

I also made this- inspired by this & It only took about 10 minutes

my friend tia & I attempted to go here opening day- the line to get in was about a mile long! needless to say we didn't get in...

* all images from my Instagram feed


Etsy Love/ Elly MacKay

These photo's by Elly MacKay are amazing! Perfect for any room. She makes her images by painting them & then cutting the painting into layers. Then she layers the pieces & sets them up in a miniature theater after which she fiddles with the lights & filters & then photographs them! Say what! That just sounds like so much work! Seriously- that work has payed off. How beautiful are these pictures. 


Design Sponge Book Tour @ Anthropologie

I went to a craft/ book signing party with some girlfriends & baby Reyn last night for Grace of Design Sponge. She's the tiniest/ nicest gal. Seriously she's like miniature! I love that she's living her dreams- with her blog & her book. Her really pretty book.

annie- me & our babes- 
Reyn really liked Grace's urber shiny hair.

* there were ton of babes & 4 babies there & boy were they so well natured. (not so much the babes)
** thanks susan for the photo's



I love this time of year. I get a little sad knowing the cold/snow is coming soon but the changing colors of the fall leaves makes up for it. I'm also super excited about the holidays. Halloween is one of my favorites. Since my tweenager hasn't wanted to trick or treat with me for a couple of years this year was a little more fun with an excited 2 & 3 1/2 year old to trick or treat with. Here are a few of our Halloween pics this year- courtesy of my instagram stream- 

mostly painted pumpkins using some black spray paint & tape & some 
using puffy paint found around our house. (yes I had puffy paint!)

next door neighbors house- using leaves they scooped up off the road - creative kids 

flo the waitress- baby bear w/ the crossing guards & a fairy princess

cat ballerina making her own whiskers

baby bear rolling over

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