Man she's good! Can you make them in my size PLEASE...

find them at the Gap



thought I would post about the girls monchhichi dolls that are so absolutely adorable. I bought Elsa's for her for her 2nd birthday
& when I saw the bebichhichi I had to get it for Ida. They came a week after her birthday so Elsa & I opened hers while Ida was napping. She loved it! hugged it- kissed it- wouldn't let go of it. THEN I opened the bebichhichi for Ida & Elsa never looked at her monchhichi again. Ida didn't seem to mind.


Textiles- Textiles- Textiles

Oh how I would love to make textiles. Kind of goes with my wanna be graphic designer dream. This shop New House Textiles is pretty great. How great would a bag be out of those fabrics. I'll take some of that please. I especially love the cute orange foxes & you can never go wrong with mushrooms


Poster Love

I think these city posters from The Heads of State are amazing. I'm pretty sure they'll never do a SLC one, but since I'm from Az I guess I can claim the Phoenix poster right. Seriously these guys are so fab. i think i'll display some of their concert works later in the week.


Something New to Something Old

If you know me at all you know I love anything Japanese! Check out these Japanese lamp shades. How cute is the bunting above the rabbit oh & those mushrooms-just perfect.

I know you've all seen vinyl wall stickers before- but have you seen anything like these! Wall puzzles stickers for your kiddies to play with- dress up this doll over & over

you can position & reposition the animals body's & heads around for hours of fun

Frame your pictures without putting any holes in your walls

& this bunting flag border that looks like fabric

I know how hard it is to find cool things for boys- not anymore (& those monchhichi dolls are my fav. I just recently bought a couple for the girls on ebay - this one for Elsa & this bebichhichi for Ida-they also have boy monchhichis on ebay- this was my absolute favorite doll when I was a kid)

* all found here*


Total Slacker

I wish that was the case! I'm so busy with some fun new projects for the Beehive Bazaar & some cute little dresses for the girls for easter that i kind of forgot to blog much this week. I can't wait to show you the little dresses/ tunics i've been working on made from a Japanese pattern book (with my own twist added) my cousin Amy P. let me borrow who lives in NY. They are made with the most fabulous vintage remade & japanese fabrics. I'm even working on a romper, but I'm making up that pattern myself so we'll see how it turns out!

Maybe I should wear one of these cute forget me knot gold rings- from Reform Schoolto remember to blog next week- or just tie a piece of one of the hundreds of scraps off my sewing room floor around my finger...


St. Patty's Day Fun

We started off St. Patty's day with a visit to the Dr. Turns out Kaleb had strep. Luckily he hadn't been around the girls this week until his dad had dropped him off that morning. My mom came over to help me with the girls.

later in the afternoon we went over to my cute friend Amy's house for a St. Patrick's day party for the kids. She made the most delicious green mac & cheese with tons of other goodies & the littlest cupcakes in the world (I had 2...)
this is what happens when I try to take pictures of my kids with my iphone while holding a baby.

Amy made cookies for the kids to decorate- a super yummy mess!

Evening was spent at our church making scarfs for cancer patients. The women in our stake are amazing. Just look at these cupcakes. (yes I had 3 cupcakes today)

The ladies sewed together these caps before hand

Vintage trim dream- I wanted to take all of this home

Scarfs to go over the caps to add a little bling- these are some of the young women's scarfs- pretty talented eh

My moms in my stake- these are her scarfs- nice huh

This one's mine- I forgot to take a picture of my second one

Fleece hearts for patients to hold during surgery


Anniversary Trip

Our super short anniversary trip was pretty great thanks to my mom, who watched Elsa while we were gone & my cousin & her husband the Blads for watching Ida while we were at the concert. Seriously The Magnetic Fields are amazing live. The concert was super chill (sit down) which is how this old broad likes them these days. They played music from all of their albums including songs form their other band The 6ths. The concert was in two parts, meaning there was an intermission. The first half was definitely better than the second. I thought they could have mixed the songs up a bit more.

ida rockin out

cousins hubby ryan- someone call child services

The Magnetic Fields

Intermission- the wilshire bell

hubby & me

Look who else was at the concert

Just incase you couldn't tell who they were

*It was really great to spend some lovey time with husband. Holding hands, playing with each others hair {don't worry we were in the back row} Things we would usually do sitting next to each other {like in church- for instants} giving little hand/ finger massages, things that are too hard to do because our hands are way too full with little kiddo's now.


Blog Crush

I first heard of the manblogger made by joel over at liz' blog but this mr. mom/ artist is showing up everywhere
seriously how cool is this little paper cowboy & horse. You can get the template here & make them yourself. Giddy-up!

p.s. Check out Joels super rad backyard playhouse & this amazing modern dollhouse Ya I know- he can take care of my kids any day...
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