Pin Up Girl

* p.s. the beamers for sale- the girl's not


Junk Drawer Art

Jason Mecier creates art out of junk. Nothing terribly new in the art world except that he has celebrity's send him their junk from their drawers & he creates pictures of them from the junk! Pretty rad huh!

amy sedaris

tina fey

parker posey

* thank you Phoenix Ostermann {an amazing artist herself}-via Laughing Squid


Invention Love/ Love Mattress

What do you think of this love mattress on Dornob.com? I think it's genius- only I'm not a cuddler {well maybe for a couple of minutes after...}  but I think it would be perfect for sleeping even if you're by yourself. I've dreamt my whole life of having a mattress with a hole in it for my arms or shoulders to fit in while sleeping on my side. SIDE SLITS even better!

from apartment therapy
* if you like being cozy with your lover- check out the loveseat for lovers chair


Happy Birthday Mom!

I have to say I have pretty much the best mom ever. Generous- kind- & all around just a really good person. I don't have a sibling who wouldn't agree- every one of my friends thinks so as well. This year my mom has perfected the cupcake. Specifically the chocolate cupcake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Sound delish? My butt & thighs certainly think so!

* photo from last year- I failed to take a picture this year {that's what happens when you're adult to kid ratio is off} We did go to the same place with pretty much the same people - so add a year to all of us & 30 plus lbs to me & you would basically have the same photo this year...


Favorite Fabric Friday

Heather Ross- Far Far Away III- soooo adorable.

* I'll definitely be making the girls some dresses out of these


Modern Love/ House

I love me some good modern architecture & The Kew House 3 by Vibe Design really gets my blood pumping.

*go to Vibe Design to see more amazing architecture 
** I don't know why I chose all the night pictures- I just thought they looked really cool


Ice cream sandwich cookie bar + flying lanterns = rad 5 yr old birthday party!

elsa & me- in the middle 


* first two photos taken from Susan's & Annie's blogs- the last two are mine


"Mom Is That A Straight Jacket?"

This is what Kaleb asked me when he saw Reyn in the contraption pictured below. It made me laugh cause it really kind of is. It's also saved me completely when it comes to night time sleeping. Reyn is Houdini when it comes to swaddling him in a blanket. He can get out no matter how tight I wrap him- but this handmade swaddler (made by Jessie Huish of Beehive Babies) is genious. I have a kiddopotamus swaddler & while it's pretty great also- I prefer Jessie's because it's not stretch fabric. With the stretch fabric he can still move around a ton - so he ends up waking himself up quite often. So while it may look like I'm sending my baby to the nut house- I still absolutely LOVE this swaddler-  I can't believe this is the first time I've used one of these before. I don't know how I've ever lived without one!

*Anyone have a favorite item you couldn't live without for your newborn?


Etsy Love/ Jessedirk

I'm back- Maybe not fully but for today at least...

I am loving these Modern furniture pieces designed & made by Jessica Johnson. What a talented lady. The colors are fabulous & the wood finish is beautiful. You can also pick what color stain you would like. So many options.

this would be perfect for my girls- modern child table set


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