Royal Wedding Jitters

I think I have them...

Anyone worried Kate's going to be a runaway bride? It would be soooo much pressure to get married in front of millions of people. You know you are excited about the wedding but are you curious about the procession route- cause if you are & you want the raddest poster ever made for this very cause then you need to go here & buy this now! If you are feeling lucky & want to try & get it for free go here or here or here & take your chances. Oh how I love the colors in this print!

letter press machine

* Prince William & Kate's wedding procession posters letter pressed by Rowley Press 


From Italy with Love

I am in love with these make up/ coin purses/ whatever you want to put in them to show them off bags from Not On The High Street.com. Could I send them straight through the mail...


Spring Love/ Asos

Just some of my favorite spring looks from Asos right now. Will I ever have a waist again...



Easter Love/ Purl SoHo

Easter's around the corner & I still haven't made my girls their easter dresses- Ugh! We'll be traveling most of that day anyway so i'm not sure if they would really be able to wear them- SO maybe that means I'm off the hook for making dresses this year...

I wish I was a good enough knitter to make this cute little rabbit family from Purl SoHo. Those of you who are knitting pro's still have enough time to make at least a couple of these for your favorite little ones. 


Jean Pants Underwear

Oh Japan maybe sometimes you can go wrong- or can you...

* perfect for the never nude in your life
** p.s. is that first picture of a girl or a dude? I see boy parts holding the choneys up but that stomach & those legs are looking pretty girly


Etsy Love/ Gauze Blankets

Who doesn't love themselves a lovely gauzy blanket for their baby. How beautiful are these little gems from Pata Pri. She sews & screen prints them herself & she's from Japan where pretty much everything is cool.

* p.s I was at a shower last night for a friend & she received like 5 yummy gauzy blankets. Lucky girl


New in the Shop- Toddler Dresses

So I've finally listed some of my toddler dresses in my Elsa Bags shop. I found that trying to put things in two different shops was too much of a pain so all of my Vanilla Pie Kids goods will now be together with their big sister Elsa.

I hope you check them out- {I promise they look better on- than on a hanger- 
proof- my little pookie in the last pic}

 this one's a tunic for a 5 yr old

linen/ cotton blend

linen/ cotton blend


Life's Finest Moments- Not Really

Ahhhh (yes i'm yelling) last week wasn't the best of best weeks for my family. My most favorite aunt in the world (sorry all other aunts) had a stroke & my sister Lisa had a fire in her basement- the place she holds her amazing leotard business ElevĂ© Dancewear. Ugh what's next?- It's really hard when you really can't do anything to help either.

After I cleaned up my goods from the Bijou Market Saturday night- my mom & I went to see my aunt. Wow- That was one of the hardest things I've ever had to see in a loved one. I can't seem to stop crying about it. If you believe in prayer- please keep her, my sister & everyone else out there suffering from pain- in them.

to end this post on a more upbeat note- here is a picture of Ida double fisting her bacon at the Pancake House- if we tried to take one away she would throw a huge fit...

* I really need a good laugh


Bijou Market

Hope you're all coming- cause I'm working crazy late getting ready for it!

Friday & Saturday April 8th & 9th- 10- 6pm- 116 west center street- Provo
Old Southtown Hall


Modern Love/ Smart Cover for IPad

This has got to be one of the coolest things ever!

* husband bought the orange one for me for my birthday! Did I ever mention I won a free IPad this year?pretty rad huh.


Etsy Love/ Crazy Cool Puzzle

Ahhh puzzles! I'm not a die hard puzzler but I love it when I go to a friends house & there is a puzzle on the table set out for everyone to help with. This record puzzle from Fruition Lab almost seems impossible which is right up a lot of people I knows alley.

John Denver record puzzle

this is a puzzle my girlfriend Chris & her friends in California put together. pretty rad huh


Log Cabin to Modern Bliss

My friend Travis' brother Calder & his wife Starr started out with this 700 ft cabin in Midway Utah & turned it into their dream home. I love how they mixed the old with the new. They used reclaimed wood from a bowling alley & stone from an old city building... wow I just absolutely love this concept. See more pics at Grassroots Modern.

the lonely cabin

kitchen- so much beautiful wood

hooking up the cabin with it's new modern partner

I can't wait to see more pics of the inside. wink- wink- nudge- nudge!

* check out newer pics here
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