Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses


leave it to me to find out about this at the last minute & of course have a crying baby all night didn't help me get it finished.

i'm pretty sure i'm too late but i thought i would post this anyway. shabby apple is/was having a dare to design contest & so here are my designs. you'll have to use your imagination quite a bit since my drawing skills are very limited...

imagine this first dress with a super soft flowing stretch knit- i was inspired by the pink striped material i have (second pic) doesn't this look comfy? the large ruffle reminds me of mexico & the elastic waist band attached breaks up the dress for those of us who need a little help in looking leaner. i would add a cap sleeve under the ruffle to make it a bit more modest. ;) ;) nudge, nudge...

the top of this dress is a comfy t-shirt (stretch knit) material with the sleeves a tiny bit puffed. the shoulders have a bit of a rouched look and the cuffs on the sleeves are about an inch long. the skirt & belt are attached & is a little high waisted. the zipper would come up the back maybe even sewn on the outside for a little edgy-er look to this dainty looking dress. i love when stripes are sewn to look the the old chevron signs. i'm thinking white on top and navy blue in the stripes & maybe a red or navy blue belt or flip all the colors around. anything works for this.

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