So How's Everyone?

I've been the worst blogger lately! I blame the insane amount of pom poms I have been making. I ended up making 6 wreaths for my local shows- yes I said 6! Each wreath had approximately 66 pom poms. So that's 6 x 66 = 396 pom poms! Let's just say I'm a little over pom poms & I still have one more wreath to make- but it's top secret who it's for....

I haven't even shown you the pom pom trees I made. Super cute & kind of fun. Baby pom poms are so much quicker to make than the big ones. 


Courtney Snowden said...

Your wreaths really are sooo stinkin' awesome! Just keep saying silently over and over in your crafty little head "pom poms are my friends...pom poms are my friends..." :)

elsa bags said...
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