Tutu's & Ballet Woas

I don't think I ever mentioned that Ida started taking ballet classes with Elsa in January. At first she took to it pretty well- but the last few classes she'll start out joining everyone- then decides she doesn't want to participate. She'll sit on my lap & whine or pull at my hair & she won't let me put her down. This has become really hard on me these days with a bulging belly & trying to guide Elsa around as well.  I thought at first maybe it was because the class is a little loud & it just made her a little nervous or she just wanted all my attention instead of sharing my lap with Elsa- so today I took her to a separate class {without Elsa} that is much quieter- but she still did the same thing. SO I've decided to take her out!

Don't worry we'll try again next fall & she'll still be able to wear these cute little tutu leo's then. {they're really bathing suits bought from Old Navy}

sorry for the blurry iphone pics- these gals have a hard time staying still

what's cuter than tutu bums

she calls this leo her "princess" dress

Elsa's favorite boots! I have no idea what she's going to do next winter when they don't fit anymore

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