Unlocking Neutral in a Mini Van

I Love having an attached garage. Especially during the cold snowy months & in the summer when it's 95 degrees outside. I don't love having a garage when I go to start my car & my van {that barely fits} battery is dead. I'll be honest this wasn't the first time I've left the keys turned a little in the ignition- but it is the first time I didn't have time to put our extra battery we have on hand {for this very reason} on it for an hour. You see we needed to get to my friends parents house to go swimming. These are the last days of summer & we are doing everything we can to pretend fall is not creeping up on us. So thinking I can just put the car in neutral & back out- I call my trusty sister in law that lives down the street to come help me jump start the van.

dashboard of a toyota sienna- pretty typical- do you see the square with the line in it at the bottom- right above the P? 

Turns out you can't just put a dead car in neutral these days. So while my SIL is looking through the manuel trying- without success- to find out how to do this I call a Toyota dealership here in town. They send me straight to the service guys & after hearing a couple of the guys talking & not having an answer I hear a 3rd guy chime in with " look for the little square above the P- pop it out with a screw driver or something & then push the button inside & that will unlock the neutral lock"  "ok great!" we never would of figured this out on our own. So I'm passing my new- probably none useful knowledge to all of you. Just in case the 3rd guy in the service department isn't there the day you need him-
Your welcome.

here's a close up

* p.s. Reyn got into the pool for the first time & loved it- maybe not as much as his hand though
I'm so glad we didn't just go back inside & call the whole day off.

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Jen said...

That's just crazy. I'm glad you figured it out. :)

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