DIY ~ Tiny Clay Heart Valentine Garland

I decided to leave my pink Christmas trees up for Valentines day after I saw my friend Heather & Courtney's on their IG feed. Love those amazing & super creative ladies. One thing mine was missing though was a teeny tiny polymer clay heart garland. That & some raccoon lovers.

  1. what you'll need- polymer clay-tool with sharp edge {knife will work}-needle- string
  2. pick what colors you want to use
  3. mold the clay into a heart
  4. use your tool or knife to make a crease at the top
  5. make a hole straight through your heart so you can thread it later
  6. put your hearts in the oven {read directions on the package}
  7. string your hearts & display {I used tiny little * 3m hooks see picture below}

* 3m has saved my walls time & time again. also they are reusable!


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This is cool, is that a plastic clay?

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