Date- Kiss or Dump?

remember when you where a tweenager & you wrote I heart Ricky Schroder all over your notebook at school? (ok I'm showing my age)

now- with his son (what a cutie)

well the boys that tweeners/ teenagers swoon over these days are of a different league! check these hotties out starting with my very own brother in law Benton Paul
Take yourselves back to those teenage days & have fun playing the Date- Kiss or Dump game. (don't worry you're not being creepy- most of them are in their 20's...)

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The Rambler said...

Ok I LOVED Ricky. Remember that show he was on? I wrote him a ltter once, but wasn't smart enough to know where to send it. I mean even figuring out the post office, not figuring out where to send fan mail. His son looks JUST LIke him.

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