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this may or may not be husband & me

So I started this blog years ago as a way for people to see the styles of my bags & so they could choose from those styles.

I started my family blog so my family & friends that weren't near by could check out the going ons in our life. It has been really fun to post baby pictures & kid pics & friends & family in town etc. One day I would like to turn it into a book. I guess it would be my kind of scrapbooking for my kids.

So I noticed that people kept coming to this blog (probably because some friends have a link from their blogs to this one) only to be disapointed to never really see anything new. So last year I decided to build on my elsa bags blog site in hopes to show the more creative/ design side of me. I hope you all are enjoying this so far. Still trying to find my niche.

I know plenty of you are checking on this blog once in a while. So PLEASE leave a comment. I would love to check your blog out as well. I mean we are all here for each other right?


Michele said...

That Adam looks hot in his speedo!!

elsa bags said...

yes he does!

Alisia K said...

just found your blog. love it! :)

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