Amazing Quilt

Can you believe this quilt! I'm just getting into quilting this year & I can't wait to get my quilting creativity on once the Beehive Bazaar is over! (sooo busy) Well Melissa you are amazing. I can't stop thinking about those mushrooms (I'm obsessed) & those ruffles & that squirrel! You put everything I love onto a QUILT- Come on!

p.s. the little girl she made it for is named Ida!
p.s.s. check out the barbie doll dresses she made- how fab!


Tia said...

Are you kidding me? I love it. Esp the ruffles and squirrel. Sad to say, but I think we have a long way to go in the quilting world before we can bust out something like this.

Mellissa said...

You are so sweet! And, I just love that we both have an Ida.

Anonymous said...

That is the room I want for myself! So sweet and girlie. Tosh would never go for it though.

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