Do You Believe In Ghosts

So I was in my sewing room last Thursday night working on some goods for the Beehive Bazaar. At this particular time I was working on embellishing some T-shirts, kind of like I did for that winter show. Sometimes I like to try on the shirts to see if the ruffles or flowers are laying right & as I took my shirt off my sewing machine started running. It totally freaked me out! I went over quickly to the machine to turn it off & as my heart was racing I just kept thinking OMG we have a ghost. Then I thought that maybe it was some magnetic thing going on. (my pedal is metal & so is the base of my table) The very next day the exact same thing happened! As soon as I took off my shirt my machine started running again. Freaky! Now I'm the kind of person that is a total wuss, I can't even watch commercials for scary movies or anything to do with ghost, but I kept my cool & kept working.

I've always kind of thought we had spirits living in our house but come on can they really physically turn things on? Needless to say I took my shirt off a few days later to try on another shirt & nothing happened so I guess the pervy ghost has moved on. (maybe to my sexy neighbor down the street)

images found on google- you know you want them

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Veeda said...

Oh creepy! Despite the ghosts, I can't wait to see your stuff at the Beehive Bazaar.

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