Killing an Urge

Last week I had this incredible urge to cut my hair into a bob with short straight bangs. Now I know I don't really look good with short hair or short bangs, but I still do it regretting it every time. I can't help it- spontaneous bang cutting is kind of my thing.

So, you ask, how did you solve this urge? Well look below ↓

It would be completely silly if we had the same hairdo right? I think so & let's be honest I could never look this cute!

*pics taken on my iphone with my camera bag app. I think using 1974 & Helga

1 comment:

scuz said...

man, your kids are so beautiful. i ❤ elsa's new haircut! speaking of your kids, i saw Caleb and a niece of yours at Lagoon!

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