Weirdest Apartments all Over the World

Are these the weirdest or the coolest apartments ever? I think the latter. I want to go to spain the most to see the Casa Mila built by Gaudi in 1910. 1910! Amazing.

Casa Mila – Barcelona, Spain

Nakagin Capsule Tower – Tokyo, Japan

Container City 1 – London, UK

Elephant Building – Bangkok, Thailand

Cubic Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Interlace/OMA – Singapore – TO BE BUILT

Urban Cactus High Rise – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tetris Apartments – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Montreal Quebec, Canada

* I've actually seen the one in Rotterdam & the two in Amsterdam when husband, Elsa & I went to Europe in 2008. You can see the post here, here, here & here.


scuz said...

why don't we have cool stuff like in america? oh wait, i know, we're not that cool.

Housewife Bliss said...

I stayed in Madrid flat for a few weeks, it was amazing, in fact driving around the city you see lots of little sparks of creativity like that. Fab post my daring.

All the best, Coryanne


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