Making Sock Monsters

My nieces- Zoe (11) & Hannah (12) saw a picture of some sock monsters in a parenting magazine at my moms house & ask if they could make them. My mom was going to take them to the dollar store to get supplies but I told them that there was no need- I was sure I had everything that they needed stuffed away in my way too packed & way too messy sewing room & I did- except for the socks {which I found in my old sock drawer- I really need to clean that thing out...}

They were super easy. I helped do some of the sewing but they did all the designing themselves. I definitely have two of the most creative nieces around. {did I mention they speak french}

Zoe's - Hannah's

just look at that mouth on Zoe's & that tooth on Hannah's- adorable

Did I mention they can draw! They both love Japanese anime-Hannah drew this of my family -check out my mustache t-shirt & Ida's pacifier & the boys jeans- oh the details are killing me...

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