Posting From My IPhone

Has anyone ever posted from their phone? Has anyone ever answered one of my questions on here... Haha

I've been posting from my iPhone lately because our Internet is down & it's really not so great. I am surprised that it's quite a bit easier than I thought though- except for the fact that I'm not able to link from it or use my own pictures- it makes for a good sleepless night something to do project.

I've been trying to upload a picture from google, but my phone hates me just like my Internet & just like the cable television in my sewing room {this I learned when I finally returned to my sewing room tonight after a 2 week hiatus} who can sew without trashy t.v?

Anyway the picture was of one of Yoshitomo Nara's creations called sleepless night. I'm such a huge fan of his. So I'll have to put it up when I get my Internet working again. {sometime between 8-noon on Friday...} nevermind that I was going to plan a play date for the girls & myself then.

***Ok guess it wasn't my stupid phone with the green line down the middle. (need to get that checked ) Found a couple pics that work.


scuz said...

ill answer all your questions cause i have all the answers! just kidding. i need a fancy iphone. too bad i live in no man's land where they don't have service.

Veeda said...

we love Yoshitomo Nara too. I just checked out his "Lonesome Puppy" (I think that's the title) kid's book from the library and my little ones loved it.

elsabags said...

Veeda I love that book!

Eve said...

I love the picture; is Yoshitomo Nara the illustrator or author or both, nevr miind i'll pick up my lazy fingers and google it, thanks

albina N muro said...

try this ~! click for more info

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