Cute Kiersten & Madeline in a Cute Elsa Bags Shirt

How cute is this girl? Kiersten of Bello De Epoca- was selling her goods at the Abode Flea Market last Saturday & she spied this ⤵ shirt in my booth & asked if we could do a little trading. Check out her Etsy shop. It's a little sparse (I know how that is) but hopefully she'll be filling it up soon.

Kiersten it looks so rad on you! I'll have to get a picture of Ida in her headband(s) she taking a nap right now!

Also Madeline of Uber Chic for Cheap bought this ⤵ one. I'm hoping I can get her to send me a picture of her in it. Her blog is amazing & shows you how to get the best deals for your fashion needs. You'll definitely want to start following her today!

Thanks Madeline for the pic- you look amazing in it!


Amy said...

I love Kiersten! We used to work together! How great that you got to meet her at the flea market! I need one of those shirts BTW!

Madeline said...

I will most definitely send you a picture! Should be pretty easy because I have worn the shirt non stop since I got it. Thanks again!

elsabags said...

amy she asked me if i knew you! of course i went on about how much i like you... cause you know i do!

elsabags said...

madeline i was just going to send you an email!


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