How Great Are These BiKes

Oh how I love a beautiful bike! I have no idea what this vintage bike blog says {it's all in french} but I'm loving the pictures of these bikes- the beautiful shapes the beautiful colors. They have a shop in Paris called 18 VĂ©lo Vintage, which looks amazing online. Add a toddler seat & I would be ready to go...

* this video is pretty cool.


Oliver Chipping said...

Em is totally looking for a bike like that down here. I'll have to shoot her that link about the vintage bikes! (sorry we never comment :) your family looks so cute and we would totally hang if we lived up there)!

Angela Flicker said...

Before I had Monet I rode my bike EVERYWHERE. I actually didn't have a car. Now my beautiful, yellow, retro bike sits outside and collects more rust :(

Maybe I'll hoke up the chariot and Monet and I will go on a bike ride this morning ;)

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