The Intern

Ugh! I keep forgetting to post about the amazing intern I had for all my winter shows. Kilee is the hardest working 20 year old I know. I don't think I know anyone who isn't answering or checking their phone every 5 minutes. I think I may have seen her check hers once the whole time she interned for me. {not that I would have cared btw}

It was so nice to get to know her & have fun "young" conversations with her. {talking about boys & life & boys...} I took this picture of her in one of my new creations. My attempt at a dolman top. She cut the shirt out for me {as well as millions of other items} I sewed it up & whala- I think it looks fab on her- of course she's so adorable anything looks good on her...

she really is as sweet as that smile make her look

* p.s. kilee I'm having a hard time getting back into my sewing room not having everything cut & ready to go. thanks for all your help- you really are a champ!

* p.s.s. kilee was always dressed to the nines. often wearing heals & standing for hours while she cut. oh to have the energy of a 20 year old again...

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Tyson said...

I totally agree!!! Kilee is amazing!

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