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So I may not have really attended Alt Summit but I was there helping with Susan's sewing class long enough to meet some pretty rad bloggers. I think 2 of my favorite peeps were Ryan & his wife Cole from Pacing the Panic Room. I guess Cole doesn't really blog but she's so much part of this daddy/ photographer/ writer bloggers life that of course it seems like it's "their" blog. Plus it doesn't hurt that she's so dang beautiful- i'm sure everyone wants to see pictures of her & those cutie pie kids.

cole- lucky/ patient enough to get a pic with mondo {showing mondo their son that looks just like him}

I've seen Ryan's blog many times before. He introduced me {through the blog} to one of my new favorite bands Rabbit- & I fell in love with this video he made of Cole showing pictures of her belly growing for 40 weeks. Cole is so tiny- I have no idea how she even carried this little creature for that long.

Magic- A Belly Grows from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

I wish I could get it together long enough to take one belly photo a month. Maybe that will be my goal for the next 5 1/2 months....

* all pics & video stolen from pacing the panic room

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Notes from Holly St. said...

what a great video...love it! i can barely remember to take a photo of my growing belly each week. she's so lucky to have this video as a memento of that special time...

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