Catching My Dreams

Ah man these days I am having the craziest dreams. Only 4 more days till my dreams get even more wilder - when this baby decides he's just not quite ready to get out of his comfy little water sac. {I keep thinking this little kung-fu artist is going to come out soon but I know I'm going to be late- it's just how I roll}

I need this wall of dreamcatchers that artist Alexandra from gjurasicpark made to help me out. How pretty are those colors. 

& for my day dreams- this dreamcatcher necklace from the darling boutique will do!


Lex said...

Oh wow! I didn't see your post till now. Thank you!! The best part of my dreamcatcher that you can't see from the photos is that they GLOW IN THE DARK! I use glowing beads...so at night the smattering of beads looks like stars!

elsabags said...

Are you kidding me! That's so rad.

Lex said...

Have you had your baby? xoxo

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