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Ugh! I found this amazing architect site thanks to my sister Lisa.  I say Ugh- because I can't break away! The homes & buildings on Home DSGN are amazing! If you haven't heard of Pinterest than you have probably just been introduced to the world wide web. {I'm amazed you were able to find my blog...} I had friends trying to convince me again & again to join the pinning craze- but it wasn't until I went to AZ & my sister Michele sat me down & wouldn't let me get off the couch until I signed up. Let's just say my arce fell asleep from not moving for a few hours & pinning everything in site that I loved.

Point of bringing up Pinterest & Home DSGN- Home DSGN is keeping me up all night pinning like a mad women tonight- I CAN'T STOP! So maybe don't go to their website & It's probably in your best interest not to sign up for Pinterest because you're just going to start waisting even more time on that computer of yours...

here is a little taste of the architecture on Home DSGN- so YUMMY!
lefevre beach house by longhi architects

house made of glass & concrete in sicily by architrend architecture

paddington x2 house by mck architects

*p.s if you love to waist time & you want an invite to Pinterest {yes you have to be invited} leave a comment below or just email me & i'll send you one asap--- nbaglady@gmail.com 

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