DIY ~ Pom Pom Easter Egg

I have to say this year is going by way too fast. Easter's only 2 weeks away! I don't really have any Easter decor so I decided I wanted to make a pom pom Easter egg. {surprise surprise...}

Haven't you always wanted one? Here we go...

Items Needed
yarn {you can decide how many colors you want- I used 2 colors- pink & cream with gold specks}
pom pom maker {you can purchase one here or use your fingers- I used the 1 5/8 size}
card board box
ribbon {for hanging & for decorating} not pictured
hot glue gun
round plate {the size you want the bottom of your egg to be}

1 ~ make pom poms 
I ended up making about 10 of each color- then making more as I went along counting how many 
more I would need by laying them out on my egg a row at a time

2 ~ draw your egg on to the cardboard box
use your plate to draw the bottom then just free hand the top
the marker won't show in the end

if you use the bottom of the box with tape in the middle 
you can use it in the step after the next one to make the egg even by folding it over

2 ~ cut your egg out

3 ~ fold your cardboard in half then cut to even 
your egg out

4 ~ tape your fold how ever many times to make 
your cardboard strong & unbendable - can you see the clear tape?

5 ~ place your pom poms on your egg to see how 
you want to glue them down

6 ~ use hot glue
to glue them in place

half way through & looking good!

7 ~ glue a small piece of ribbon to the middle of the 
back to hang your egg

if you want- add a ribbon- a frame & a rabbit!
I think some people would add a thicker/ bigger ribbon but I kind of like this little one

* does anyone think it's weird that I show a finished product picture at the front & at the end of my post? for some reason when I see a tutorial I like to see what it looks like before I start & remember what it looks like at the end. dumb? not dumb?


Courtney Snowden said...

Not dumb...

nicole choules said...

Thanks Courtney!

marshall p said...


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