Girls With A Message - Giveaway!

         Every night when my girls go to bed they want daddy or
me to tell them a story. Usually we make up an embellished story about
them & their day. Since my girls are sooo obsessed with being princesses
we try not to mention princesses in the story. We try to talk about how they can be
doctors or artist or anything that isn't princess like. We also like to tell them how smart
they are or how nice they've been- for example
"Elsa loved playing with her dolls today she even shared her favorite doll with her sister 
Ida & Ida was so happy she gave Elsa a huge hug & called Elsa her best 
friend in the world" 
Do we think our somewhat mind control stories will make our girls not want to 
be princess when they grow up or make them be super nice to each other all day-
you bet! 
Has it worked- not yet but we are still hopeful.... 

I think it's important to send our girls a positive message & I absolutely 
love these digital downloads from artist Linda Tieu also known as Tortagialla. 
They fit right into the way I want to raise my girls to think & feel. 

Today I am 
giving away 2 
adorable downloadable prints from Linda! 
Want to win? Check out more prints over at Linda Tieu & just leave a comment below telling me which one is your fav.
I'll announce the winners Tuesday 

If you want to buy a hard copy now you can buy one here
If you want to carry one around with you on a necklace- key chain or put a magnet on your fridge 
go here to buy

Thank you for entering!!!

* Have you read this blog post on how to talk to little girls on A Cup Of Jo's blog? It's one of my favorite post ever.

** update- check out Linda's blog post to see how you can embellish your girl with a message print! so cute


sarah marie. said...

these are darling!

Heather said...

I like the create fearlessly! These are great! Crossing my fingers that shell make boy ones:)

jen @ jkjk said...

So cute. I love all of them! I want one of each.

Heather-Rita at Milkglass and Honey said...

Darling prints! I want one...and I LOVE this post on talking to little girls. Very cool. Stella is obsessed with Buzz and Mr. Incredible...but I really like this because we talk about that too much. We need to ask her more of these "mind" questions to help her move from focusing on all the costumes! Ha!

By the way you did a great job on Studio 5!

KWILY said...

These are wonderful. I would definitely choose "be brave" for my daughter! She's pretty timid, so we talk a lot in our house about taking chances!

holly said...

So cute! My favorite little face is Be Brave!

karisa said...

Great idea! Now I need something to get ben's mind off trains. My favorite is be brave. Thx nic

maWeesa said...

Yes please!

K.J. V. said...

I love the create fearlessly - it's taken me my whole life to start to be brave about my creations, and feel like they are "good enough", despite all the love and encouragement my parents gave me. I'm naturally timid and worrisome. I'd love for my daughter to figure it out before she's my age. What a great giveaway!

Amy said...

I'm in the "create fearlessly" camp too!

Tia said...

I like the Go For It because it looks like E. Super cute!

The Broadobalds said...

Nic! Your blog is amazing. Love these pics and love your face.


Veeda said...

Me me!

Jill Kaufusi said...

So cute! I love "be brave" because my little girl is scared of most everything:)

Courtney Snowden said...

I love them all! Forever encouraging my littles to embrace each of these attributes!

Amy said...

I love them all!

Allison said...

I hope it's not too late to enter, because I would love to win these -they are so darling! I especially love the Be Brave and Be Kind girls!

g* said...

Practice Patience and carpe diem... but really they are all so cute! So glad you showed these to me! Thanks.

Christina C said...

I like! To forever encourage me!

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