Witchy Witchy Girl- Cross Stitch

I'm selling these cute little halloween cross stitched witches- straight off this blog. See how to order below

Pick what you want your cutest littlest witch to look like?

Here's how it works- 

copy paste the following with your answers & send them to elsabags@gmail.com

1) pick a hair color [pink- purple- blue- greenred]- see hues below _______________________________
2) pick the tights color [pinkpurplebluegreen- red] same hues as hair ___________________________
3) pick the eye color [brownbluegreen] _______________________________________________
4) tell me if you want a jack-o-lantern face or no face  ___________________________________
5) pick a belt or a bow to go around her waist  _________________________________________
6) tell if you want stripes on her tights [I will use black thread- tell me if you want another color] ________
7) pick the silver or gold sparkly back ground fabric [belt or bow & cat collar will coordinate] _____
8) tell me if you want a vintage frame for $3 more [i'll send you a photo of what I have] _____________
9) leave your paypal address & I'll send you a bill for $20 [add $3 shipping if not local - locals can pick up] ________________________
10) get your little witch in 1 week!

witches hair #892- tights lime

witches hair #3833- tights lime

I've added one square stitch on the legs to make them a
 little longer for the stripes to show up better

silver fabric- witches hair #209- tights lime- stripes #905- eyes #905- silver belt

 Pinks   #956   #957   #3833   #892

Purple  #208   #209   #210   #153   #718 

Blue  #3844   #3846   #747   #517   #324                    

Green   #lime   #562  #903
cross stitch stats
* witch is 2 1/2 inches tall
* full cross stitch is 3 * 4 inches


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