Best White Elephant Gift Ever

So my dad's side of the family has a white elephant gift party/dinner every year & I got this little gem. Did I steal it from someone else when my turn came? HELL YES! Did anyone try to steal it from me a third time? Not a chance! So this cousins/ aunt & uncles party is always a good time, but all of my cousins are at least 13+ years older than I am- so a gem like this does not appeal to them. My dad didn't get married till he was 36- much later than his siblings so I have a lot of second cousins my age or a bit younger. It's funny cause I always ask myself if I'm suppose to be at the party. Even now in my 30's I think I'm younger than I really am. Husband teases me about this ALL the time. Come on- who doesn't want to believe they are years younger than they really are...

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