Thanksgiving Hangover

I have had 3 thanksgiving meals since 2 Saturdays ago plus 2 days of left overs! I'm turkey-ed out to the max. I promise I'm not complaining- every single meal was amazing.

It's an annual tradition for my friends to get together & have Friendsgiving {Thanksgiving with friends} 2  Saturdays ago-  after I cleaned up my booth at the Bijou Market in Provo & after going through the drive through at  In N' Out {cause I thought I would be too late to get any food} I went over to my friend Kristen's super cute house to have friendsgiving. Our friend Christopher has a deep fryer so he deep fries the turkey almost every year. {this is possibly the best way to cook a turkey} it's so tender & soooo tasty. People brought like 8 sweet potato dishes & yes I had a little of each one- plus I made a pumpkin pie shake by putting a piece of pie in a cup full of vanilla ice cream & mixed it around.  I went home feeling mighty full.

andrew- me- christina- brighamcindy
michelle - painting by marsha
the cliffords
bryton- our host kristen
elin- kung fu chris
emily- nephew wyatt

olive- uncle danny

matt- jared

notice almost all of my friends have blogs- even the guys
{all pics were stolen from Facebook from some girl I don't know}

Then we had Thanksgiving with Adam's family {see pic below}- GG makes the best stuffing & pumpkin pie! Everything else was awesome too.

pic from nieces 2nd birthday party

Thirdly we had a Sunday/ Thanksgiving meal at my moms- YUMMY! 

{my two ida's}

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