H & M Why do you Tease us So

With your commercials  & your online store that we can't even order from...

& now Lanvin is coming the end of November & I'm sure I won't be near a store for months. I really hate you right now.

I love how cozy this coat looks
& this sweater
Polka dots- yes please

& for the girls {wish they had this sweater in my size}

 I love sweater dresses on my girls


Madeline said...

I heard a rumor that H&M was playing commercials in the Dallas area for a few months before they decided to open a store there (sometime in 2011). Maybe they are playing the same games with us? They could at least open online ordering for the US.

elsabags said...

We can only hope!

Ya I don't get the online thing. It's it really so hard to ship here...

Amy said...

Pssst. I'm going to tell you a little secret: They are moving into Fashion Place Mall next to the new Crate and Barrel! Wheeee!

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