St. Patty's Day Fun

We started off St. Patty's day with a visit to the Dr. Turns out Kaleb had strep. Luckily he hadn't been around the girls this week until his dad had dropped him off that morning. My mom came over to help me with the girls.

later in the afternoon we went over to my cute friend Amy's house for a St. Patrick's day party for the kids. She made the most delicious green mac & cheese with tons of other goodies & the littlest cupcakes in the world (I had 2...)
this is what happens when I try to take pictures of my kids with my iphone while holding a baby.

Amy made cookies for the kids to decorate- a super yummy mess!

Evening was spent at our church making scarfs for cancer patients. The women in our stake are amazing. Just look at these cupcakes. (yes I had 3 cupcakes today)

The ladies sewed together these caps before hand

Vintage trim dream- I wanted to take all of this home

Scarfs to go over the caps to add a little bling- these are some of the young women's scarfs- pretty talented eh

My moms in my stake- these are her scarfs- nice huh

This one's mine- I forgot to take a picture of my second one

Fleece hearts for patients to hold during surgery

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