Something New to Something Old

If you know me at all you know I love anything Japanese! Check out these Japanese lamp shades. How cute is the bunting above the rabbit oh & those mushrooms-just perfect.

I know you've all seen vinyl wall stickers before- but have you seen anything like these! Wall puzzles stickers for your kiddies to play with- dress up this doll over & over

you can position & reposition the animals body's & heads around for hours of fun

Frame your pictures without putting any holes in your walls

& this bunting flag border that looks like fabric

I know how hard it is to find cool things for boys- not anymore (& those monchhichi dolls are my fav. I just recently bought a couple for the girls on ebay - this one for Elsa & this bebichhichi for Ida-they also have boy monchhichis on ebay- this was my absolute favorite doll when I was a kid)

* all found here*

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Amy said...

I had forgot all about Monchhichi's until this post! I used to have so many of them and loved them! What a great throw back to the 80's! I can even sing the jingle from the commercial! Hope your girls like them as much as I did!

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