Anniversary Trip

Our super short anniversary trip was pretty great thanks to my mom, who watched Elsa while we were gone & my cousin & her husband the Blads for watching Ida while we were at the concert. Seriously The Magnetic Fields are amazing live. The concert was super chill (sit down) which is how this old broad likes them these days. They played music from all of their albums including songs form their other band The 6ths. The concert was in two parts, meaning there was an intermission. The first half was definitely better than the second. I thought they could have mixed the songs up a bit more.

ida rockin out

cousins hubby ryan- someone call child services

The Magnetic Fields

Intermission- the wilshire bell

hubby & me

Look who else was at the concert

Just incase you couldn't tell who they were

*It was really great to spend some lovey time with husband. Holding hands, playing with each others hair {don't worry we were in the back row} Things we would usually do sitting next to each other {like in church- for instants} giving little hand/ finger massages, things that are too hard to do because our hands are way too full with little kiddo's now.

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