2 Cakes & 2 Birthdays!

My little Elsa turned 3 yesterday & my first baby is 13 today! 13 has the word teen in it- WHAT- I have a teenager? How can this be- i'm not old enough- haha. We had a family party Sunday so I attempted this owl cake my friend Tia showed me. She made one for her baby's first birthday {her's turned out perfectly}. She found the recipe here. Mine turned out a little more plump than the pro's at parenting.com- probably cause the bowls I used where a little larger than they suggested. {its all I had} 

We decided to have a "friends" party for Elsa. It was her first & I have a feeling we won't get away without having one every year from now on. It all started with us looking through the cakes on parenting.com. She saw the robot cake & decided she wanted a robot party- so when your daughter is cool enough to ask you for a robot party you give her a robot party- right? Now I can't say my robot cake looked anything like theirs- but it looked a little like the invite I made to send to her friends. 
{& it looked way better in person}

the invite

For an activity we made robots out of large & small marshmallows- pretzel sticks & toothpicks- the kids loved it & it totally calmed them down after running around like little crazy people- just in time to eat super sugary robot dot cake 

elsa's marshmellow-bot

with Grandma Ida- eating part of her bots arm

oh did I mention I made her a robot dress

she thought it would be funny to run from the camera 

then pretend to call her daddy

we took it outside to try & get some better lighting

but she refused to stay still- they are wearing each others shoes

close up on the robots

Now for my 13 yr. old! Kaleb decided he wanted money instead of a party- but he still received a few really great presents 
{this one is from my mom- she wrapped it in pink duct tape!}

he had about 5 things to unwrap before he got to his actual present- then she put rocks in it to fool him into thinking it was something heavy

little big planet 2- {he's been waiting forever for this}

we gave him this iplunge- & a trip to visit his cousins in Kansas City this summer by himself- since new baby will be joining us & we won't be able to go on a family summer vacation this year.
{he thought it was funny to stick it on Ida's forehead- she didn't mind}

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Jen said...

Wow I love that robot party idea! And I was very impressed with both cakes. I don't think those parenting.com cakes are real. They use photoshop or something.

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