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So Angela from The Artists' House was doing a review for Lena from Lena's Needle Craft Patterns & asked me to whip up a pair of her little booties. They where really easy & where similar to the booties I use to make out of fleece. They took me about 45 minutes but would have taken less time if the kids where napping- BUT they where playing in the living room next to us & trying to get our attention any chance they could. My little Ida loves to come give me hugs every 15 minutes & come on I really can't complain about that. {that little girls holds my heart in her hands & she knows it}

I decided to make them a size 3- 6 months & to line them in fleece. That way they are ready for new baby & the colder weather. Have I mentioned I'm having a BOY! So excited about this. He's quite the little kung fu artist already- kicking like crazy- especially today.

this is the pair Angela made- super cute eh
* over all I would suggest for anyone to buy any of Lena's patterns- {they are super cheap- $4.50- $6. 50}  each come with a bunch of different sizes so when your little one grows out of the one pair you can just whip up another- but do it while he/ she is sleeping....

**the artist house is also doing two giveaways-15 fat quarters from the fandango, kate spain line + 2 patterns from needle craft patterns! giveaway ends monday so go enter now.

*** did anyone watch the grammy's? finally a really good band {arcade fire} won the album of the year! if you haven't heard their 2004 album funerals just buy it today. it's one of the best albums EVER!

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angela flicker said...

I loved when you said that Ida holds your heart in your hands. I'm constantly saying that same expression about Monet.

Thanks for sewing these shoes/booties with me. I had a really good time ;)

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