Morrissey My Love

If you love Steven Morrissey as much as I do than you would love this Morrissey sweater & scarf.  It has  Morrissey's face on it & it's a Christmas sweater! That's right- a lovely Christmas sweater. Sadly they probably won't make these again BUT I'm guessing if enough people sign up to be on their mailing list for notification of restock-age they'll will! Start saving your Euros... {the scarf sold out as I was writing this post- sad} 

I can't find a picture of the poster I had up on my wall in what everyone else would call their college days {I went to ballet school instead} so here's a pic I love. Wilde & Morrissey together- unbelievable!

* now if I could only talk Adam into naming this kid Morrissey or Oscar- my life would be complete.
♻ viva moz info from door sixteen -what a cool mom!

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